How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Without Computer - Android Data Recovery App

What to do, in case you have lost your important files stored in your Android phone. Your photos, videos, files, etc. that you never want to lost! Fortunately, there’s ample ways available to recover deleted files on Android without computer. Using a Android data recovery app is the easiest way for retrieving deleted files on Android.

If you already searched about the same query, you might have got a long way showcasing pc to recover that deleted files. Well, that’s not what I’m going to tell you today. These are some cool app to recover deleted files on Android, and of course you don’t need a pc to get started.

The recovery process you need to follow is bit similar between all these applications but we will guide you for all, don’t worry.

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Ways to Recover Deleted Files on Android Without Computer/PC (Free Android Data Recovery App)

As I said in starting, there are ample ways available to recover deleted files on Android without computer. Some of them are Android applications and some are pc softwares, all of those do their job well while retrieving the data. One important thing about some of these applications is you need to root your device. If you didn’t know yet, rooting will give access to developers options to your phone which may have some trashes of your deleted files.

The most important thing is, we all want to do it for free, right? So, don’t worry, I’m also a big fan of the word FREE. The apps which I will be suggesting is free to use while some of them are paid too or with In-app purchase option.

I found a lot of queries from my friends about this question that how to recover lost data from Android, also the search volume is high. At last, I thought to create this guide for helping people from such dangerous situations. So, with that being said, let’s get started.

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1. GT Data Recovery – The Best Mobile Data Recovery App

GT Data Recovery - Recover deleted files on Android without computer

This is one of the best data recovery app ever available on Google play store for free. GT Data Recovery is able to restore your photos, SMS, Contact, TXT, WiFi, WhatsApp, Call Logs, Messenger and all that important media files & documents you need.

For instance, you lost your data without any recycle bin installed in your phone, then third application going to work for you. Just install it in your rooted device or root your device after installing it and get started.

GT Data Recovery - Best way to recover deleted files on Android without pc

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Without PC using GT Data Recovery?

  • Launch the application in your phone you want to recover data from.
  • Tap on the different options available that which stuff you want to recover.
  • On next page, click in “Start New Scan”.
  • If your device is not rooted, the scan will fail and you will be prompted to root it.
  • If already rooted, then you will get the list of files which is mistakenly deleted by you.
  • Now just tap on the restore icon and that’s it.

If you want to recover deleted files from your internal storage then go into settings and choose disk to scan as Internal storage. By default,  it is for SD Card.

Download here: Google Play Store

2. Dumpster – Android Data Recovery App

Dumpster - Recover deleted files on Android without computer

Dumpster is a popular mobile application which lets you catch up your deleted files, photos & videos on your Android. Basically this app is a recycle bin of your Android when it comes to restoring deleted data.

Important: If you have lost your data at the time when this app is not installed in your phone, this app is not going to help you.

I tried this by deleting a video and then, I just entered into the application and found that video listed there. Now, one tap is ready to restore that by tapping on that Restore icon listed there.


They have a couple of options to select in the app settings where you can select which files you want to take backup of and which you won’t. Also, the app is supporting tons of languages to choose from. You can change the theme of that application from various themes present inside the app. You will also get free cloud storage if you move to the In-app purchase plan.

This application is free to use as well as paid. I means having In-app purchase option when you want to try out premium features.

Above mentioned GT Data Recovery app has also similar featured app named GT Trash which works pretty similar to Dumpster.

Download here: Google Play Store

3. DiskDigger – Free Android Data Recovery App [No Root]

DiskDigger - Recover Deleted Photos on Android Without Computer /

This app is used to recover deleted photos from your Android device. This free data recovery app is very handy & easy to use with a quick scan option. DiskDigger app lets you recover your deleted photos with no root. Apart from that, if you want to  do full scan you need to root your device.

In my case, it worked pretty awesome and I got all those pictures which are anyhow deleted from my smartphone by mistake. Also, I tried it on my rooted device where it retrieved all those deleted pictures and pictures which I lost by mistake.

And if you’re wondering how to use this application, there’s no such long process just a click is able to do all the task you want. So, let me show yow all how this application works.

DiskDigger - Recover deleted photos from Android

How to Use DiskDigger to Recover Deleted Photos on Android Without Computer?

  • First of all, launch this application in your phone.
  • On top, you will get a search bar showing “BASIC SCAN (NO ROOT)” option with the “Start Basic Photo Scan” button.
  • Just tap on that button and it will start retrieving your pictures and will list on your screen.
  • Select the pictures, you want to recover and click on recover on the top.
  • That’s it.

On the other hand, if you want to do scan of internal memory you need to root your device. Root your device using Kingo Root app or whatever method they are showcasing and after that you will be able to get a lost pictures.

In my opinion, it works pretty well without rooting too so only root in extreme case.

Download here: Google Play Store

4. Hexamob Recovery – Recover Deleted Files on Android [Root]

I personally love this application. The Hexamob Data Recovery App will try to recover and undelet all files from your smartphone even if you don’t have recycle bin installed at the time. The only annoying thing you could comitt as bad for this application is rooting. Yes, this app requires root and without that. It doesn’t work anymore.

Using this application is of course as easy as rooting your device in one click. Basically, once you enter into this application you will preferred to choose the External & Internal storage which one you recover and then you will have to choose file type and hit on ok. It will show you the files, select them & hit recover to restore those files. If you still have any doubts, follow below steps.

Hexamob Recovery - Recover Deleted Files on Android Without Computer

How to Use Hexamob Recovery to Recover Delete Files on Your Android?

  • Firstly, launch the application after installing.
  • Choose the memory you want to recover, internal or external.
  • Then select source and target device and click on start.
  • Choose the file formats you wan to recover like, .jpg, .png, .pdf, .mp4, .3gp and a lot more extensions are available to select.
  • Click ok and in next couple of minutes it will show you found files.
  • Choose the files you want to recover and select a destination to save that files.
  • Once done, click on save and that’s it.

One more decent feature, I found this in application is permanently deleting option. Though, you might have sorted out using these methods that nothing from your phone will be deleted permanently. So, if you want to delete that use this application to clear all that. This app is free to use as well as with In-app purchase of $1.

Download here: Google Play Store

5. Undelete Recover Files & Data – Free Data Recovery App

This is also a FREE application available on Google Play Store which works pretty similar to all the above applications. The nice part about this application is it doesn’t requires root to retrieve your deleted photos but if you want to recover and files and all that stuff and of course you have to root your device.

In free version of this application, the ads are filled like litres of water in a cup and trust me they’re very annoying.

Apart from that, the features are really decent when you give root access to this application. This app is able to recover deletes files & data of any third-party app you installed or even any of your file you stored in your phone. Let’s see how it works.

Undelete Recover Files & Data - Free Data Recovery App

How to Use Undelete Recover Files & Data to Recover Deleted Files on Android Without Computer?

  • Launch the application after installing finishes.
  • Read the statement on first page in the app and click next.
  • Again, click check to test whether your devices is rooted or not.
  • If not it will only recover cached photos otherwise all data.
  • Then, select the storage type you want to recover and choose the file format.
  • Select destination and save all those retrieved files.
  • That’s it.

The app is free to use as well as In-app purchase option available to remove annoying ads and get some extra features. If you don’t have much money, you can always go with the free version.

Download here: Google Play Store

Use these Android Data Recovery apps to Recover Deleted Files on Android Without Computer

That’s all for now buddies and we will be soon coming with more cool ways to recover data on Android. One thing you need to do as of now is to install the Dumpster app or any other recycle bin app in your Android so that you can’t lose your data anymore.

Installing such apps gives you freedom to do mistakes and that’s what we want.

Talking about recovering data with app, most of the cases it only works well if you have your device rooted. If you don’t have one, you find it difficult to recover deleted files without computer. I mean if you work with cool softwares to recover you data then you can retrieve all that easily without rooting.

But cost of doing both the stuffs is basically same. Means, the data recovery softwares are always paid and rooting a phone will cost repair if ruined. Remember, rooting doesn’t means your phone will be spoiled. I have rooted one of my phone and that’s working pretty smooth without any issue. You need to follow right steps to root and if you didn’t know, you can always unroot your device when you want.

That’s all for now. I will be soon coming with the list of data recovery softwares so stay tuned with us. For now, test out these best free Android data recovery apps.


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