10 Best Voice Changer For Discord in 2020 [Updated List]

10 Best Voice Changer For Discord in 2020 [Updated List]

Hey! In this article we will know about best voice changer for discord. The real fun of gaming is enhanced when group chat is involved. Thanks to discord that let you do live chats while you are on the game. Nowadays, most of the games come with live chat features that are operated over discord.

But are you someone who wants to enter a chat anonymously? Or you want to pull a leg of your friend by being a girl! You can now explore all such fun, and credit goes to the available voice changer for Discord.

There are many voice changers software available on the internet that you can download and install in your device to manipulate your voice.

10 Best Voice Changer For Discord

Here is a list of best voice changer for discord that you can use to enhance the fun in your live chats:


Undoubtedly gaming is a fun thing to do, but if you are looking forward to adding A Pinch of extra fun into gaming, then you must try voice mod Voice Changer for discord. You can change your voice, troll your friends like a scary girl or sound like a robot. Voice mod offers you tons of brilliant voices and effects to make funniest voice calls. This will enhance the fun of your gaming as you can chat with your friends in a funny voice. The best thing about this app is that it is free of cost and easy to install. And a secret no one will ever be able to guess that you are using a different voice, Isn’t it interesting!



10 Best Voice Changer For Discord

Clownfish is another voice changer for discord that you can use to change your voice for Windows. You can use it with a microphone or any other audio capture device, which will result in a change of voice. You cannot only use it for discord but change your voice for steam, Skype Hangouts, Viber, etc. There are many voice effects mentioned in the list of clownfish voice changer such as alien, clone, male pitch, female pitch, baby pitch, robot extra. Overall you can download clownfish voice changer to hide your voice and enter a group chat anonymously.


Voxal voice changer

10 Best Voice Changer For Discord

Voxal voice changer the name itself reflects the function of the software. Like other voice changer applications, you can use this software to change your voice in any application or game that uses a microphone. Download it from its official website now to explore the fun. Voxal voice changer transforms you into a girl character or alien character as per your choice. It is a powerful and real-time voice changing software which you can download from its official website. You can also use this software to change voices for voice-over in videos and such other audio projects. It is a simple and easy software which provides a lot of voice effects that you can choose from.


Audio for fun

If you want to explore some more fun while you are gaming, then you must give audio for fun a shot. This is a voice changing software that lets you change your voice while you are gaming or using discord. The tools which are used for voice morphing in this software are highly advanced and bring more fun. You can take a free trial of the software before going for its premium version. If you want to download this app, you can do it from its official website initially free of cost.


Robot vox voice changer

10 Best Voice Changer For Discord

Robot vox voice changer will make your gaming more interesting as you can speak in scary sounds to scare your friends. You can give your voice a musical touch as well with this software. Robovox offers 32 different voice styles from which you can choose any of your choices.

This software lets you modify your voice live while you are using your headphones. You can even use an external microphone to transform your voice. It comes with a XY control field that is helpful for pitch and modulation of the voice. One of the best features of this software is that you can immediately share your results on SoundCloud. Also, if you are in love with your transformed voice, you can save it for your future ringtone. Download it from its official website now to explore the fun.


Voice changer with effects

10 Best Voice Changer For Discord

No need to explain voice changer with effects as the name says it all. Download this app for android now to change your voice and begin the real fun. It is effortless to use and will let you change your voice. You can apply a lot of effects on your voice and share them with your friends to enjoy the fun together. You can and share the modified voice using WhatsApp, email, or any other sharing option.

Voice changer with effects allows you to download your recorded voice and set it as a ringtone in case you can’t get over your voice .one of its exclusive features includes that it can create a voice from the text that makes it even more interesting. Download it now to Unleash the world of fun while you enjoy your favorite game.


Voice changer


Voice changer is another solid application that you can use to change your voice online. The interface of voice changer.io lets you change the voice while you are on its website. For example, either you can upload audio or enable your microphone to record the voice. From cute girl voices to scary animal voices or Tik Tok robot voices, you can even create your custom voice with this voice changer. You do not need to download it as all can be done on the website itself.


AV voice changer software

AV  software

AV voice changer software is mostly used by professionals to use its voice changing feature. You can use it for real-time services like discord and twitch to enhance more fun while you are in a group chat. It’s a voice manipulation software where you can also save recordings and do the manipulation with the voice.

It offers you a list of advanced features that enhance voice manipulation to the next level. It comes with 30 voice effects and 70 background effects, including 40 audio effects that are a vast list,  you can choose from. Download it from its official website now to explore the fun. You can also use it to make parody and analyze voices. It lets you beautify your voice by enhancing it awesomely. You must download the software if you want to try Upper Hand in the voice manipulation field.


Morphvox jr

Morphvox jr

Morphvox is a free voice changer app that lets you change your real voice and allows you to add audio effects in your authentic voice. You can be a girl using this software or be a robot and stun your friend. The software is fun to use and is very easy to learn. You can use it for morphing your voice and enhancing amusement and fun in your voice chat.

You can easily download and install it to begin the fun. Download it from its official website now to explore the fun. The only problem with this software is that you have to deal with some annoying ads; otherwise, it is a must-try for discord.


Discord Voice changer


Discord voice changer is aimed for its use on discord. You can install this mobile application in your android to use its extensive voice manipulation features. You can change your masculine voice into a feminine or vice versa using this application. The application can be easily attached to discord to enhance joy and fun while playing games or any other group voice chats that involve discord. Unfortunately, you will not get this application on any website or play store, but you can look for it into some third party sources.


Final Words

This was the list of best voice changers for discord. Using a voice changer is fun, but be careful and make sure you use it only for fun. All the software is easy to download, and you can use them without any technical knowledge. They come with an easy interface but let you have a lot of fun.  Using these voice changers, you can not only morph your voice but also add a lot of other fun elements to add a twist in your chats. Do let us know in the comment section about your favorite voice changer and voice effect.


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