3D Face Scanning App Uses iPhones’ FaceID to Make a Perfect-Sized Mask for You


INTRO: As the Coronavirus-led pandemic has made protective face masks a replacement norm in global societies, we’ve seen a plethora of masks crop up within the market. Now although there are tons of masks with unique features and styles, these masks are available a typical fit-for-all size. So, for several people, this standard size won’t be an ideal fit for their faces. Enter Bellus3D FaceApp. An app that helps you create a mask that’s specifically made for your face.

Now, confine mind that the app is out there for iOS devices and only works on iPhones that have the FaceID system. This is because Bellus3D FaceApp uses the TrueDepth cameras of the FaceID module to make the 3D models of the faces. So the app will only work on iPhone X or above models that have the required sensors.

Developed by Bellus3D Inc., the app was originally designed for taking 3D facial scans of users to form 3D models of faces. Developers can then put these models to use in games and other similar environments. However, following the increase of the COVID-19, the developers recently added a “Mask Fitter” feature to the app to assist users make the right mask for his or her faces.

This feature will assist you get a mask frame that’s specifically designed to suit your face perfectly. After you get the frame, you’ll 3D print it and make your own mask reception .

So, to see out the feature, I downloaded the app from the App Store. After opening the app and giving the required permissions, it took me to the face scanning page by opening my selfie camera.

bellus3D face 3

Now, on this screen, you’ve got to position your face inside the provided outline until it turns green. Then just tap the shutter button at the bottom to start the scanning process.

During the method, you’ll hear voice cues to show your face right and left. After the scan is complete, you’ll get a 3D model of your face right there within the app.

bellus3D face 1

So, what you’ll do is you’ll purchase one among these mask frames and therefore the app will put it on your 3D model to urge the precise dimensions of your face. This way, you’ll get the mask frame to form a home-made mask that matches you perfectly.

However, getting the mask frame the app is clearly not enough. You will then need to export your mask frame and send it to a 3D printing service to urge the physical frame your hands.

There is an in-depth tutorial video on the way to use the feature which you’ll inspect below.

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