5 Best Facebook Messenger Alternatives You Should Try Out

Searching for best Facebook Messenger Alternatives? You’re at the right place.

There are a couple of reasons why you don’t want to use Facebook Messenger more. But if you’re planning to change your messaging app or looking for alternatives, you’re might not sure which one to choose and whether they work smoothly or not.

Chatting is ubiquitous matter these days and sometimes a task in which we spent our most of the time. We all always want to use branded and cool apps. Facebook Messenger is cool, but also we can’t say there’s nothing bad in that. It has a lot of bugs itself while a lot if features too.

It ruins smartphones & iPhones battery life faster and also makes your phone speed slow. In spite of that, you can’t even log out in Facebook Messenger.

If you want to looking for the similar apps which works as Facebook alternatives then this list will be prodigious for you.

Here’s the list of 5 Best Facebook Messenger Alternatives which you should try out rather than Facebook.


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5 Best Facebook Messenger Alternatives

Best Facebook Messenger Alternatives

One important thing to mention about below listed messengers. All mentioned apps works similar Facebook Messenger and having Facebook integration by allowing permission to the app. Starting from the first one.

Skype - best Facebook Messenger AlternativesSkype

Skype is one of the fastest grown company ever. This app allows to make free video or voice calls anywhere & apart from that it also you to share images, videos & emojis in your chat.

This app features group calls where 25 people can chat with each other. Talking about the group power, you can add up to 250 members in a Skype group.

Skype is available not only available for Android, it’s available for Windows, MACs & IOS too.

Skype interface

For those who want clean interface, Skype is not for them as it contains advertisements which makes its irksome.

Skype has also Facebook integration option, once you sign in to your Facebook account by allowing permission, all your Facebook contacts will start appearing in Skype suddenly.

Download Skype from here!!!

WeChat - Facebook Messenger AlternativesWeChat

As like Skype, WeChat allows to make free chats & calls with you loved ones. WeChat is nowadays much popular and well-known messaging platform started by Tecent company of China.

Looking at the numbers of users, it claims it has more than 800 million users.

One question rendering in your mind right now is,”Why is it in the list of Best Facebook Messenger Alternatives?“, am I right? So the pretty simple answer is WeChat has Facebook integration option.Wechat interface

Means you can log in to WeChat via you Facebook account and be connected with your friends & relatives. There is a social menu in WeChat you can use to get notifications of Facebook without having Facebook Messenger.

WeChat is available for all OS like Android, Windows, MACs, etc.

Download WeChat from here!!!

IM+ Facebook Messenger AlternativesIM+

IM+ is an all in one messenger which allows you connect your account with various messaging platforms available like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

It has its own interface which allows users to chat with your friends in their own way. Including, decent functions like group chats, etc.

Once you have installed IM+ on you Android, Windows phone, iPhone or Mac (Not available for Windows PC) you have just tap on the “Connect with Facebook” icon to get started. Enter your Facebook email ID & Password, allow permission to that app & all done.

Download IM+ From here!!!

Facebook Messenger Lite Facebook Lite

Yes, I’m not kidding. Facebook Messenger  lite is one of the best alternative for Facebook Messenger developed by Facebook. It is a tiny sized app which has all the features of Facebook Messenger app itself (limited).

This app works even in baddest network condition and provide all the facilities as in Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Lite is not available in all countries, it is in few countries which are Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. But don’t go panic, it’s very easy to install an app which is not available on your country by spoofing your location, if you know how to do.

Download Facebook Messenger Lite from here!!!

Trillian appTrillian

Trillian is a far similar to IM+. Trillian allows you to use all features similar as in Facebook Messenger.

Once you sign up for an account on Trillian, you should need to go in “Add account” option and then afterwards add your Facebook account into it. You can use even multiple Facebook account in Trillian.

Trillian is available for all OS like Android, Windows (PCs & Phones), MACs & OS.

Download Trillian from here!!!

Telegram - Best facebook Messenger Alternatives Telegram (+1 Bonus)

The Telegram is one of the most popular messaging app with 100 million users. This app got immensely popular at the time when WhatsApp was down for 4 hours.

With Telegram, you can send messages, photos, videos, GIFs & audios. All chats are encrypted on Telegram means you don’t have to think for security. Apart from that, there is no limit on Telegram that how much files you can send, etc.

Telegram supports group chat with maximum of 5000 members, pretty awesome, right? 5000 members is even higher than any other messaging apps.

The best part about Telegram is, it’s fully free. They even don’t show any advertisment in their app. Also app interface is very clean and it works very smoothly.

Telegram also offers secret chat option for those who takes security more solemnly. In that option, chat are not saved in any receiver’s phone and chats are end to end encrypted.

Unfortunately, there’sno option inside Telegram to merge it with Facebook but you can always do this using third party apps to sync your messages from Facebook Messenger to Telegram.

Download Telegram From here!!!

Wrapping Up

According to me, these were the best Facebook Messenger Alternatives ever. Had I missed something which is best and you know that, don’t wait just do comments below.

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