5 Best Google Now Launcher Alternatives You Should Try Out

Top 5 Best Google Now Launcher Alternatives 2017

There’s no doubt that Google Now Launcher is one of the most stunning launcher present ever on Google play store. It has various customisation options and also some other extraordinary features like cards, etc. making this launcher really awesome. If you didn’t know yet, Google is now removing Google Now launcher from Play Store, and it will be no longer available there from March. So, we are here with 5 Best Google Now Launcher Alternatives to use.

It will now be removed from your phone but you won’t get any further updates in this launcher. While on the other hand, Pixel launcher will be available in Google Play Store, exclusively for Pixel devices.

Top 5 Best Google Now Launcher Alternatives 2017

Top 5 Best Google Now Launcher Alternatives 

If you’re wondering for the Google Now Launcher Alternatives, below mentioned are the best ones. So, let’s get started.

Nova Launcher PrimeNova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher is far better than any other launchers at present. That’s why, if you visit Top Charts of Paid apps in Google Play Store, you could find Nova in top. Nova allows you to do a lot of customisation and you can customise it to any extent and make it easy to use in your own personalised way.

Apart from that, if you didn’t have time to customisation, its default settings are already stunning. If you go into the Apps section, first row will have the list of apps which you use most of the time and it’s by default, awesome, isn’t it?

Let me show you the interface of Nova Launcher Prime.

Nova Launcher Prime Download

You can easily see that how the homepage looks like in Nova Launcher Prime after little bit customisation. I have managed it look like exactly Google Pixel devices. You can always customise it.

In the Nova Launcher Prime, apps are arranged alphabetically like in Google Now launcher.

The Nova Launcher Prime comes with the Gestures & inputs option which I really found great. Using these gestures, you can create tons of shortcuts and save your time in finding or opening apps.

But to use Gestures you need to pay for it, I mean you have to install prime version of this application. While, the free version is also available. If you like customisation, I’ll prefer you the paid version, below is the downloading link.


Nougat LauncherNougat launcher

Nougat Launcher is a great alternative of Google Now Launcher after Nova. This app does features exactly like Google Now Launcher. On of the more pros of this app is, it’s free to use.

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In Nougat Launcher, you can also do a lot of customisation. You can change the gestures for various hand movements and also customise your drawer and desktop. Below is the image showing how exactly this launcher looks like.

Nougat Launcher

It looks pretty simple but having collection of intelligent gestures to choose from. Let me show you one another screenshot includes gestures setting and main setting page.

Nougat Launcher

The first image is of the main settings page and another is of Gestures settings. So, now you can think that how pretty a free launcher is.

But, the most annoying thing in this launcher is ads. In the main apps page, the first line is filled up with advertisements which really looks so ugly. Otherwise, everything is fine.

Nougat Launcher : Install Now

ASAP LauncherASAP Launcher

ASAP Launcher is surprisingly awesome launcher. When it comes to comparison with Google Now Launcher, it’s not so similar. The app comes with options to show various cards like weather, contacts, calendar & TODO likewise in Google Now.

Apart from that, it has a dock and also cards on either sides; left & right. It doesn’t features apps page like in Google Now but you can always access all apps by swiping right. Below is the screenshot, to give you feel of this launcher.

ASAP Launcher In-App purchase

In this ASAP Launcher, apps are arranged alphabetically in a list which doesn’t looks like what is Google Now. Apart from that, on homescreen it also offers a small app drawer which sports few most used apps.

The good is that, this app doesn’t eat more resources of your phone and hence not harmful at any cost. Well, from cost, I remembered that this app comes with In-App purchase option as well as a free version too.

Download ASAP Launcher : Install Now

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Action Launcher 3Action Launcher 3

If you say, just give another similar alternative to Google Now Launcher then I simply prefer Action Launcher 3. The reason behind preferring this is its app drawer which looks exactly similar to Google Now Launcher and also it has an another app drawer like we have seen above in ASAP Launcher.

Action Launcher 3

You can see that the apps are arranged in similar way like what se have seen in Google Now launcher. Not only this, in settings option you will find a guide which will help you to customise your phone and make it look exactly like Google Pixel, which is sweet, I think so.

And there are pretty more options available to choose from. If you want to use a totally personalised launcher and play and tweak with these settings.

This app als comes with In-App purchase option. We have used paid version and prefer you the same.

Download Action Launcher 3 : Install Now

Still reading! You’re awesome guy. Moving on to the next.

Evie LauncherEvie Launcher

One more launcher is the list of Google Now Launcher Alternatives is Evie Launcher. This launcher has similar interface as like in Nova and all the apps are arranged alphabetically in order like in Google Now and Nova.

This app features two types of app drawer on is list type and another is icon type. I’m using icon type as Google Now also features icons. Apart from that, it has a decent smooth search bar on the top.

Evie Launcher

You can see that is the first column, it’s showing the most used apps and after that apps are arranged alphabetically in an order.

Another image of right side shows the search which I’m talking about. This search bar opens when you swipe your finger down on the homescreen.

Well, that’s not all. Look at below image.

Evie Launcher

Yes! You can customise Evie launcher to any extent you want. Not only this, you can even enable Google Now on TAP aka using this launcher. Means this launcher is really awesome in terms of customisation and Google Now Launcher Alternative.

One more awesome thing about this app is, this app is totally free to use.

To access setting of this launcher, you should need to type in the search bar as “Evie Settings“. Because this option is not in the app drawers so don’t get confused.

Download Evie Launcher : Install Now

Start Using These Google Now Launcher Alternatives 

Before it too late, start using one of the above launchers and change your habit of Google Now.

The reason why we haven’t preferred Pixel Launcher is it crashes while using in devices other than Google Pixel. A lot of time I got error like “Unfortunately, Pixel Launcher has Stopped“. The reason is, to support this launcher your device needs some more cool features which comes inbuilt with devices and also you can fix some problems by using different applications.

One thing you should need to keep in mind that, the above list is not arranged in an order; I mean all are best. You can’t only commit one as the best except Nova Launcher Prime.

Thank you for reading this post, hope you guys enjoyed it.

Do comments below if you know about some more best Google Now Launcher Alternatives and don’t forget to share this post.


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