5 Best Meditation Apps for Android and iPhone


INTRO: Meditation is for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, a productivity genius, a professional, or anyone else, it will be beneficial for you in any way. Meditation can help you sleep better, helps build focus, clears your mind, and lets you live in the present moment. So, whoever is reading this article, whether you use these apps or not, I would request you to give meditation a try. With all of that said, let’s get to the apps themselves.

Here are the five best Meditation Apps:

  1. Headspace

1. Headpsace - Best Guided Meditaiton Apps

In a guided meditation, instead of listening to the soothing music, you are guided through the steps by a voice along with it. Headspace is one such app that provides guided meditation.

You get the first two weeks for free trial and then there’s a paid subscription. They are also offering a 1-year free plan for anyone who has lost their job in the current pandemic. I found this app to be really helpful during this time. This is one of the best meditation apps and a good place to start your journey.

Price: Free trial, $12.99/month, $69.99/year

Links: WebsiteiOS AppAndroid App

2. Calm

2. Calm - Best Meditation apps

Calm is a very popular meditation app for people who want to reduce stress and anxiety, and want to sleep better, and increase their overall inner happiness. The app comes with some of the calming exercises and breathing techniques that can help you relax. When you start the app, the first thing you will  get is a simple explanation of meditation that explains the basics. This app will be very helpful for beginners.

Price: 7-day free trial, $12.99/month, $69.99/year

Links: WebsiteiOS AppAndroid App

3. Insight Timer

3. Insight Timer

The Meditation thing doesn’t have to be only for people who can afford it. It should be available for everyone. And if you cannot afford to use Headspace or Calm, then here you should try Insight Timer. The app gives you a free library of more than 45,000 free guided meditation. A much useful app .

Price: Free, $60/year

Links: WebsiteiOS AppAndroid App

4. Serenity

4. Serenity

Serenity is a meditation app that uses a minimalist and easiest design language and with its lovable approach it teaches you alot. Even the app’s UI feels calming. Like if compared to the other apps, it offers guided meditation lessons. You also get to learn a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques that aim to bring a sense of peace, calm, peace and happiness to your life.

Price: Free, $6.99/month, $19.99/6 month, $74.99/forever

Links: WebsiteiOS AppAndroid App

5. Aura

5. Aura - Best Meditation Apps

Aura is a mindful meditation app for people who are in a hurry. You can always start meditation sessions with tracks as small as 3 minutes. A good feature of Aura is that you can select meditation based on your current feelings. It suggests you very different meditation routines depending on your current mental state.

Select whether you are sad, stressed, okay, or feeling great, and then it will suggest you a suitable meditation routine. You can get guided meditations, listen to stories, and even just relax listening to ambient and natural sounds. There’s also a catalog for relaxing music, life coaching advice, and more.

Price: Free, $4.99/month, $59.99/year

Links: WebsiteiOS AppAndroid App


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