Top 5 Best Ever Photo Editing Apps For Android


We know you love taking photos with your phone. Nowadays, smartphone are used widely when it comes to clicking pictures and selfies. Though, we already did a post on best selfie apps for Android, we aren’t going to touch the same again. Today, we are going to talk about Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android in 2017.

If you love taking pictures, then you would obviously be knowing that, editing plays an important role. It not just changes the mood of the picture, but also adds some extra contrast and clarity in pictures.

As you guys know, there are tons of photo editing app available on the Google Play Store and all of them are claiming to be the best. So, how to make sure which is best? Well, don’t worry, we have done the research and will tell you about the best ones.

Today, we are with Top 5 best photo editing apps, which will help you to edit your photos like a pro. So, without any further redue guys, let’s get started.

1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe PhotoShop Lightroom - Best Photo Editing Apps For Android 2017

Actually, we have no words defining the power of this application called Adobe PhotoShop Lightroom. You might have heard about this name but as a computer software. Don’t worry, it’s available for Android too and it has all those essential feature you need to tweak while editing your picture.

It allows you to choose different filters, change the color tone, show you the histogram in live time, control RGB curves and all those professional tools you need.

To define it in simple words, mentioning that, it’s one of Android application we saw, allows you editing RAW files. RAW pictures are clicked using DSLRs with .NEF extension and there’s no way to edit them on your smartphone except some powerful editing tools. Nowadays, smartphones are even capable of taking RAW pictures so, it will be difficult for you finding a good way to edit them but Adobe PhotoShop Lightroom is the app going to help you.

We found it to be the Best Photo Editing App for Android in 2017.

Download Here


VSCO - Best Photo Editing Apps For Android 2017

Moving on to the next, we have an editor on the board called VSCO. What great about this application is, the number of filters it has. Not only the filters, it will allow you control each & everything, like Highlights, shadows, Temperature, Sharpness and couple of more great things.

The application is available on the Google Play Store for free and it comes with In-app purchase option. Though it allows to choose from various free filters, you can also shop for some great filters at reasonable price from the store given in the app.

Interface of the app is pretty simple and I’m using this application at the time when, I don’t know about Adobe PhotoShop Lightroom. But remember this doesn’t means that, Lightroom is the best.

May be, you should have to use both to make final picture. VSCO has amazing filters and lightroom has control over your image.

Make sure to try both of these on own your and judge which suits on your pocket as best. Don’t be selfish, do let us know via comment section below.

Download Here

3. SnapSeed

SnapSeed - Best Photo Editing Apps For Android 2017

SnapSeed is created by Google. The app is free on the Google Play Store. When it comes to interface, it’s damn clean and minimalistic. It has various features such as basic color controls, few decent filters including lens blur and also, it has a brush which you can use to separate something from a picture.

What’s special inside it from both of the above is, it allows you to add text your pictures and trust me, it has a decent collection of text styles which can be used for professional works even. This app also allows you to edit RAW pictures on your Android device.

Common features including, Vignette, curves and filters are available in this app too. So, definitely check this app out and so let us know via comment, how it worked for you.

Download Here

4. Picsart

Picsart - Best Photo Editing Apps For Android 2017

We know, most of you guys have already installed this application in your phone. I don’t know why, but out of 100 people who use Android, 80+ says Picsart is the best editor ever.

We don’t say, it isn’t but the picture quality diminishing while saving picture is annoying. Rest of the features are great.

Picsart allows you to edit, draw and collage your picture in no time. It has control over the image but the limited things can be controlled looking at what above mentioned editor offers. It will help you adding effects, different masks, stickers, texts and more interesting things.

However, it isn’t the best but not the bad. It has a great feature called clip art. You can make your own and add it on your pictures to make your clicks more vivid and eloquent.

The app is free by the way, and you can use download it now from Google Play Store, if you haven’t yet.

Download Here

5. Instagram

Instagram - Best Photo Editing Apps For Android 2017

What? Instagram! Yes, it is one of the best photo editing app ever. I know, you are getting panic by listening it but Instagram has embedded editor in their app which edits your pictures without loosing quality and makes your photos just amazing.

You need to open the application, click on the plus icon given in the mid and choose the picture you want to edit.

Now, choose from different filters given there. If that not works for you, click on the edit icon on the bottom and tweak the settings at which your image starts shinning. You can control, Brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, highlights, shadows and couple of more great things before you spread it to the world.

Once you have done sharing the picture, photo will be automatically saved in your gallery without making more noise in finding it.

So, how interesting is it that Instagram can edit pictures amazingly!

Download Here

Use these Top 5 Best Photo Editing App for Android in 2017 to Make Your Photos Look Excellent

Remember, there’s no dearth of applications on Google Play Store, it’s you who chooses one for your wisely. If you’re interested more in taking selfies, checkout our article on that, link is in the first paragraph of this post.

Also, do let us know via comment section below that, which editor do you use and how good they are.


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