9 Best real estate websites 2020 [Super Updated List]

9 Best real estate websites

Hey! In This article we are going to talk about 9 Best Real Estate Websites.

Real estate is one of the most cognitive fields. This is so because it asks for the right amount of money. With the high pace of life, we keep moving from place to place; in such cases, we need a house. Many a time we are looking for opening a business, then we need an office space. Sometimes you might have a home to sell; then you look for a buyer.

Thanks to the modern technology of digitalization that has brought the solution of all the problems in one place that is Real estate websites.

These websites are a great help for everyone dealing in properties, whether you are a seller or buyer. It saves your time as well as energy. The sites fulfill your dream of getting home quickly. You can also look for Pgs, rented houses and flats if you are a student or you are working away from home. In a nutshell, these websites are not less than a boon of the moving youth of India and all those who deal with properties. The websites are acting as a link between the seller and the buyer.

9 Best Real Estate Websites:

Here is a list of some best real estate website where you can look for properties :

Sulekha Properties

Best real estate websites

Sulekha properties is a big name when it comes to online portals of real estate. The website helps you in selecting the very kind of property you are looking for. You can initiate your property search by entering the city where you are looking for the property. From pg; rent to purchase flats, you can get assistance in everything on the website.

The website is currently dealing with thousands of properties acting as a mediocre seller and buyer. The website can be a big help if you are tired of looking for suitable properties. Just go to the site and filter your search, and you will get the list of all the related excellent properties for you.  You can either visit the website or download the app.



Best real estate websites

PropertyWala’s name itself reflects its function. The website deals with properties of real estate. You can look up the website for selling and purchasing land, plots, houses, flats, etc. you can look for properties under your budget by filtering the search. You can find the property you are looking for from over 3 lac genuine properties that are available on the website. With the site, you can also reach for upcoming residential projects in your city and make prior bookings.

The website also helps you with a broker or agent that I’ll guide in finding the best property in your town or area. One of the great features of the website is that in case you do not see any property, you can post requirements, and the website will give you an alert whenever a property matches your needs. You can either visit the website or download the app.


Best real estate websites 2020

PropTiger is one of the best ways to buy properties online. It is an independent real estate advisor that gives you a platform where you can meet your desired property at ease. The website is helpful for you both as a seller and buyer of properties. The website claims to give 0% brokerage and 100% happiness by taking you to your desired property without any hassle. With a range of 25,000+ happy customers, prop tiger is emerging as one of the most popular websites of real estate.

You can easily search for upcoming projects in your locality. Also, you can visit the property before purchasing it from the prop tiger. Overall the website is a great option to deal with properties online. You can either visit the website or download the app.

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Best real estate websites

99 acres is a well recognized real estate website that lets you select the right property for you. The site features the best properties in your chosen areas as per your budget.  You can easily manage to sell and buy properties by signing up with the website. As a buyer, you can filter and sort your search as per your need for BHk, flat, plots, and budget.

The website also helps you with home loans to solve your economic problem that comes in between buying your dream home. You can either visit the website or download the app.



Top 9 Best real estate websites 2020

Property Sahi. Milegi Yahin is the tagline of this superbrand. Magic bricks is a popular real estate website with millions of users. The site gives you a platform to choose a home for you but wisely. You can easily filter your search and look for PG, rent, plot, or commercial flats at ease. You simply need to enter your location, property type, and your budget, here you are with all the properties that suit you and your pocket.

The details of the property are well mentioned with the attached images that will help you decide the best property for you. You can either visit the website or download the app.

No broker

Best real estate websites

The name of the website itself reflects its function. Getting a home is the biggest dream of every individual. But sometimes a lot of brokers come in between and raise the cost of the property but not anymore. No broker is a broker free website where you directly deal with the seller for a property you like.

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You can filter your property search as per your city requirement and budget. You can quickly look as a tenant for pg and accommodation or as a buyer for a full house. The website is safe for female workers and students as well as they can look for a shared room with female mates. You can either visit the website or download the app.


Top 9 Best real estate websites 2020

IndiaProperty has made a move to get you home. The website claims to have connected 321495 buyers with sellers last month. India property is one of the top real estate retiling websites with its services available to users from over 1500 cities.

The website has over  623,475 listings that are a significant number of properties. Like other real estate websites, you get to filter and search the type of property you are looking for. You can directly search the property by its locality, builder, or project name. The website functions over a smart panel of experts that let you research on the property, and they deal with it.

The site also supports your dream of getting home by providing you a home loan. You can get trueview as well as a virtual view of the property you want to deal in.  The website has got recommendations from top media platforms such as NDTV, the hindu, red herring, etc. You can either visit the website or download the app.

OLX Homes

Best real estate websites

Olx is a big name when it comes to property retailing. After dealing with the reselling of products from the seller to the buyer, they are here with olx home. This website is very much renowned due to the credibility of Olx. The website is very much similar to other real estate websites. You can rent, sell, or buy properties at reasonable costs. The site has well categorization of properties as per their categories. The images of properties are well attached to the details of the property.  You can add filters such as city, price, furnished type, or property type.

From well-constructed flats or villas to land, you can do selling or purchasing any property. You get the contact details of the seller as well so that you can contact him directly and make your deal. You can either visit the website or download the app for android or ios.

Quikr Homes

Top 9 Best real estate websites 2020

Quick homes is a very popular and well known real estate website in India.  A Lot of people look up this website in case they want a house or a property. The website is meant for both sellers and buyers. The seller can register him to the site by logging in and uploading details of his property. In the same way, customers can look up to those properties and decide what to buy.

There is a proper categorization of properties as per cities. You can either choose a city or an area of a group of cities and see property according to it. From flat to under-construction properties, you can find everything on this website. The website has earned a worthy trust due to its credibility towards its members. You can either visit the website or download the app from the play store.


This was the list of best real estate websites that will help you in finding your dream house. A lot of people look for properties using these websites as it is feasible, credible, and accountable. You can easily filter your search and check the pictures of the properties and then give a call to the seller and visit the property before buying it. The websites are a big help in this digital age as they save the time and energy of moving from place to place in search of the exact property. Also, it saves them money that is involved with the broker who deals in the property.


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