Your Aadhaar card can help you win up to Rs 30,000


Unique Identification Authority of India also known as UIDAI has generated a new contest named as My Aadhaar Online. The prizes are worth up to Rs.30,000. You can use Aadhaar card to participate in UIDAI organized My Aadhaar Online contest and get a chance to win up to Rs.30,000. All residents of India can participate in this contest. The threshold date to participate in My Aadhaar Online contest is 8 July 2019.

Actually, the participants will have to make tutorial videos. They can select their preferred topic from 15 different categories of Aadhaar Online services. Those who won the contest will be contacted on or before 30 August 2019 via E-mail. If you prepared videos stand out at the best to explain the topic and looks creative too then you are eligible to participate and get a chance to win up to Rs.30,000.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that only Aadhaar holders can participate in the contest. If you don’t pursue an Aadhaar card then you can still share the article with your family members and friends who hold an Aadhaar card.

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Aadhaar Online Services: Categories

There are a total number of 15 categories on which you can prepare your video. You can Make Videos on any of the Below Listed Aadhaar Online Services:-

1. Download Aadhaar.

2. Check Aadhaar generation/ update status.

3. Locate Aadhaar Kendra.

4. Update Address Online.

5. Request for Address Validation Letter.

6. Check online address update status.

7. Aadhaar Update History.

8. Retrieve Lost or Forgotten EID/UID.

9. Order Aadhaar Re-print.

10. Virtual ID (VID) Generator.

11. Lock/Unlock Biometric.

12. Aadhaar Authentication History.

13. Aadhaar Lock/Unlock.

14. Verify Email/Mobile Number.

15. Verify any Aadhaar online.

“We have 15 categories of Aadhaar Online Services on which you can make tutorial videos. The most creative & explanatory videos stand a chance to win Cash prize of up to Rs. 30,000” Twitted on Aadhaar Official Twitter handle.

How to Participate in Aadhaar Online Services Contest and Win up to Rs.30,000 using Your Aadhaar card

1. First of all, read all the above listed different categories and select one on which you would like to prepare your video.

2. Your prepared video must be creative and explanatory enough to describe any particular category interestingly. Your prepared video must have the duration of minimum 30 seconds and it can go up to maximum of 120 seconds.

3. The prepared videos must be completely dedicated towards the relevant category you have chosen and elaborate enough to direct your views to the other residents of India.

4. Videos must be in the form of whiteboard animation or graphical representation. While preparing your video make sure that the video is not too shorter than 30 seconds.

5. Another thing to keep in mind is that the sound quality of video should be clear and better. You can either add up background music or voice over to your video.

6. Video must have high resolution of 1920 × 1080p or in full high definition. If not then your video will be disqualified.

7. You must prepare your video in predefined formats only i.e. AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, FLV, and MPEG only.

8. You are instructed to upload your video on selected platforms only, and they are Google Drive, YouTube or other online file sharing platforms i.e. SendSpace, WeTransfer, DropBox, Hightail, JumpShare only. Any other medium selected will lead to discard the video from Aadhaar Online Services Contest.

9. Once you have prepared the video and uploaded the created video on predefined platform then you can send the video link to the below email ID:

10. Participants will require to send their Aadhaar card number along with their name as on Aadhaar card, complete address. Also, don’t forget to provide your contact number. All these entries are mandatory to send along with the video.

The Evaluation Process

Once you have prepared your video, uploaded on the predefined video and sent them via email along with all mandatory and required details then you can wait for the results declared. After the threshold date to participate in this Aadhaar Online Services Contest, the evaluation process will begin. The evaluation will be proceeded based on the following Circumstances:-

1. Explanation of the chosen service from 15 different Aadhaar Online Services.

2. Correctness of the content.

3. Relevance of the content.

4. Creativity of the participant in the video that makes it unique among others.

5. At last, both will be checked the video quality and sound quality.

# Bonus Tip: As selected by Unique Identification Authority of India committee, an individual participant can win only one award in any of the categories. The tweak is that you can prepare your videos in various categories and boost your chance to win the Aadhaar Online Services Contest.

How Prizes will be Sent?

The most important part of this article is how the prizes will be sent? Because all the participants are doing their hard work to win the cash prizes. The results will be declared and posted on Unique Identification Authority of India’s social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and on various social media platforms too on or before 30 August 2019. Keep in mind that the prize money will be sent to the Aadhaar card linked bank account of the participants.

What’s More?

We hope that you got a whole idea about the Aadhaar Online Services Contest organized by Unique Identification Authority of India. Only Aadhaar card holders and resident of India can participate in the contest. If you not then share this article with your friends to aware them about the contest. Just do your hard work and don’t worry about results. You will definitely win the prizes. Don’t forget to comment below your views and come back and let us know in the comment section if you win the contest.


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