About Us

Howdy everyone!

SmartTechGuys is started on 25th November 2016 by two experienced bloggers labelled, Swayam Prakash & Vicky Kumar.

In words of Swayam Prakash,

We are a medium to provide you latest tech news & tricks via our site. We always post latest true news, genuine & working tricks.

I’m blogging from last one & half-year, I worked for a couple of blogs of others as well as mine. I worked with some popular blogs also, but working for someone else means working for nothing except money.

If you know about Blogging business, it’s kind of investment but here we have to invest out time to get output. And when you’re in initial stage, it will be difficult to generate money from your blog which you always need to move further. So, here bloggers suck and choose to work for other to get some bucks and then starts working for own. That’s what we did.

Still reading? You’re awesome.

Except of the fact that, it gives us money, it also helped me to gather a lot of experience & writing qualification.

At last, we get started with SmartTechGuys but as I said, it takes a lot to enter into the market, we are struggling hard to achieve that.

Thanks for the love & support!