Activision Will Announce More Details About the Next Call of Duty Game on August 14


INTRO: Call of Duty is one of the most important computer game franchises in history. With exceptionally great games like the fashionable Warfare series, and therefore the recent Modern Warfare reboot, the sport always manages to get plenty of hype. Well, it’s time now for yet one more CoD game, and Activision is teasing us all.

The developer shipped out crates to streamers inside which there have been some projectors that contained clues. The clues were later deciphered into two messages: “Turn eleven white” and “Bish, you were here.”

According to Windows Central, the messages are regarded as a match played between players from the Soviet Union and therefore the US during the conflict. Moreover, some people investigated the clues some more and found out that they led to the website (here) that flashes two numbers. “08–14” and “12:00”. That’s basically all we have to go on at this point.

Activision Will Announce More Details About the Call of Duty Game ...

Naturally, this led people to believe that Activision will unveil the sport on August 14 at 12PM. However, Activision has since clarified that what we’ll get on August 14 are going to be yet one more clue. Guess we’ll just need to wait even longer to seek out out what CoD has future for us.

Meanwhile, leaks and rumors around the game suggest that it’ll be called Call Of Duty: Black Ops conflict. That’s a comparatively long name, but it does slot in with the conflict references within the clues mentioned above. It will also mean Call of Duty won’t once more attempt to go all Infinite Warfare and Advanced Warfare on us, which frankly, weren’t fun.

What we will say surely immediately, is that the sport will certainly be available on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS 5, and PS 4.

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