Adobe Brings Illustrator to iPad, Fresco to iPhone


INTRO: At the Adobe MAX conference, Adobe has announced a bunch of new things for the iPads and iPhones out there. For one, the corporate is bringing its design app, Illustrator, to the iPad — something that we heard rumours about as far as last year.

Illustrator on iPad will come with special support for Apple Pencil, so if you’re using an Apple Pencil with your iPads, you will be able to use it with Illustrator to get more fine-tuned control over your designs. Moreover, the software will come with well-known features from its desktop counterpart including things like radial, grid, and mirror repeat. Users also will be ready to use simple pinch gestures to concentrate and out, tap objects to pick them, and more. Basically, Adobe has done a stellar job porting the app to a touch-interface.

Adobe brings Illustrator to iPad and Fresco to iPhone

On the other hand, Adobe’s drawing app, Fresco, which was so far only available on the iPad and Windows, is now finally available on the iPhone as well. Adobe is hoping Fresco will become the go-to app for artists when inspiration strikes on-the-go. According to the corporate, the Fresco app on iPhone will get all the features of the iPad app, albeit with some design changes to accommodate the smaller screen of an iPhone. The company is also pushing an update to Fresco on iPad and Windows bringing in new features including support for text, ribbon brushes, smudge tool, and new pressure sensitivity controls.

You can download Illustrator for iPad here, and Fresco for iPhone here.

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