Airtel And Nodwin Gaming To Boost Online Gaming Culture

Airtel And Nodwin Gaming

Bharti Airtel and NODWIN Gaming, South Asia’s leading esports company, today announced a partnership to further grow E-sports in India. Airtel Esports Tour will cover all NODWIN tournaments all over India. This will be in the initial stage. The game title f PUBG Mobile, CS:GO, Clash of Clans, FIFA, etc. The coverage will extend to iconic NODWIN tournaments such as the India Premiership by NODWIN, Dreamhack India, The Northeast Cup, KO Fight Nights and PAN Fest. This will also cover NODWIN tournaments such as the PUBG Mobile Pro league in India.

Airtel And Nodwin Gaming

The partnership kick off with the launch of the Airtel India Esports Tour, which is the first and largest property of its kind in this segment. It will also have a national ranking and awarding system for Indian Esports players. The awarding and raking will be base on their year-long performance and will be use as a base.

The broadcast of Airtel India Esports Tour will be available on Airtel’s digital platforms and help with taking this emerging format to newer audiences.

Initially, the Airtel India Esports Tour will seed by NODWIN by its huge tournament network but will aspire to a platform where all tournaments will carry weightage independent of the organizer. The ecosystem will allow the flexibility of choice for players to play what they want and when they want.

Airtel And Nodwin Gaming

Airtel And Nodwin Gaming says by 2021 there will be over 620 million gamers in India and it will become a USD 1 billion market in India. Startups such as Nova ventures, NODWIN Gaming leading international players like ESL are increasingly making investments in organizing national level tournaments every other month. Now three-four online and offline tournaments take place every week instead of one every few months, as was the norm just two years ago.

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