Airtel Broadband Surprise Offer: Get 125GB Data Free Every Month For Lifetime

Airtel Broadband Surprise Offer

As per the latest reports of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), it could be easily seen that Airtel has now crossed 2 Million Broadband subscribers mark in November 2016. Awesome count, right? In fact, Airtel is offering Airtel Broadband Surprise Offer where users will get 125GB data free every month for lifetime.

Isn’t it cool?

Offering such an excellent offer can only be deserved by the lucrative companies like Airtel. This offer is limited for Airtel Broadband Users only.

Well, if you’re a broadband user, then most probably you’re using BSNL or Airtel. BSNL has greatest Broadband users mark in our country.

Let’s show you, how one can unlock this Airtel Broadband Surprise Offer. But before we get started, let’s tell you something.

This offer is not for all users and not all users will get 125GB data each month. As you might have noticed, you’ll get up to 125GB data. Hope you understood.

Airtel Broadband Surprise Offer

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Airtel Broadband Surprise Offer: How to Unlock Surprise and Get 125GB Free for Lifetime?

1) First of all, Go to Broadband Surprise Offer page here.

2) Enter your Broadband ID or Landline Number followed by your STD code.

3) Now, just hit on the SUBMIT button located there and all after that is based on your LUCK.

4) If your luck works, you will get benefit soon.

Let’s see the TOS now.

Terms & Conditions of Airtel Broadband Surprise Offer

1) This Airtel Broadband Surprise offer is a benefit provided by Airtel to their DSL broadband subscriber which have been an active subscriber from 31-12-2016 and availing services for personal use only.

2) To activate Broadband Surprise Offers, eligible customers must have to avail the offer by 29-02-2017.

3) The frequency of the Free Data shall be on the same frequency as subscribed under the monthly plan opted for by the Eligible Customer.

4) Valid for Airtel Broadband users only.

5) Valid for a limited period.

6) Customers who are in default of payment shall not be eligible to benefit from the Offer.

7) The advantages of this Offer may be enjoyed by the subscribing customer in India only.

8) Broadband availability and speeds are not constant and may vary for some reasons, including but not limited to infrastructure, congestion, and availability of the network, the number of active users, weather, topography, acts of God or force majeure.

9) All disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in New Delhi only.

Enjoy Airtel Broadband Surprise Offer!

Now, it’s time to enjoy the data benefit you got in this surprise offer.

“We are happy to cross this milestone of 2 million customers… therefore, we are delighted to bring the latest ‘Airtel Surprises’ for them. With these additional benefits, our customers will be able to do much more with their existing plans,” Bharti Airtel (India) CEO – Homes, Hemanth Kumar Guruswamy, said in a statement.

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