Airtel Double Data Offer On Purchase a New 4G Dongle/Hotspot

Airtel Double Data Offer

Soon after the Idea Flipkart Offer, Now Bharti Airtel has also presented a decent offer in a bit different style. Airtel is offering “Airtel Double Data Offer“, where users will get double data on purchase of new 4G Dongle/Hotspot.

The Airtel double data offer is valid only for customers who buy a new 4G Dongle/HotSpot. While in Idea, they are offering 15GB data in place of 1GB, that’s more cool.

Airtel had also launched their Unlimited Calling plan, so be sure to checkout that.

Airtel Double Data Offer

Airtel Double Data Offer: Plans & Pricing

There are similar plan prices like previous but the difference is that you will get double data in place of usual data.

The plans are stating from Rs 450 and goes up to Rs 1500.

  • The Rs 450 Plan is offering 8GB of mobile data now which is previously only 4GB, and this is valid gor three months.
  • After that, the Rs 650 plan is offering 12GB of mobile data at present which is previously only 6GB, and this is also valid for three months.
  • The Rs 999 Plan is offering 20GB of mobile data now which is previously only 10GB, and this is valid gor three months.
  • Last plan which is of Rs 1500 is now offering 40GB of mobile data which is previously only 20GB, and this is too valid for three months.

So, these were the new inputs of Airtel Double Data Offer plans.

Airtel is continuously improving quality & quantity of their services as we can see this is also an initiative from that. There’s no doubt that, Airtel is the best 4G telecom service provider of India.

Airtel Double Data Offer Alternatives

Yes, there’s a great competitor of this offer which is much popular and well-known these days.

Is it Jio?

Exactly. We’re talking about Jio. You might had heard about the JioFi by Reliance Jio which also offers 1GB 4G data daily till 31st March 2017.

So, if we look at the plans and conclude which one is really cool, then surprisingly the answer comes out is Airtel.

If you calculate a bit, you can easily find that from now Jio will offer only 60-65GB of data till 31st March 2017 as per 1GB daily limit and you will also have to buy JioFi for that which will cost you Rs 2000.

Looking at price Airtel 4G Hotspot it’s also near about Rs 2000, exactly Rs 1950.

So, yes Jio is little bit cheaper than Airtel at present, but if we glance at the quality then your answer is Airtel too, we bet.

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