Alauda Aims to Start Flying Car Races by the End of 2020


INTRO: We all love the thrill of racing, especially when it comes to cars. But, when its about the racing of flying cars, just by imagining that we get thrills. So the electric flying car-makers, Alauda, is thinking that flying car racing could be the next big achievement in the field of motorsport events for the world, and thus Alauda is planning to arrange the event as soon as late 2020.

Alauda Trying to Make Flying Racing Cars

We have heard about companies like Uber, Rolls Royce, and Volvo who are already working on concepts of flying cars. But, each of the companies is trying to make flying cars just for transportation purposes.But here comes this, Alauda is a company which is trying to make a racing car that flies. The company revealed the first prototype of its Airspeeder previously in 2019 and now It is testing a new MK4 model of the Airspeeder that can be accessed in future races.

Cars will have Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing

A company that creates electric flying cars wants them to be the ...

The Airspeeders of the cars are science-fiction-inspired which is eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing)the vehicles that can catch speeds up to 150 mph. Cars will be weighing around 226 kgs, these kinds of vehicles get their power from the four 24 kW motors.
So, Alauda is ready to test its cars with professional pilots from the US Air Force and they are also planning to fly the Airspeeder MK4 in the deserts of Adelaide, Australia. Currently, the tests are on pause due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Company Aims To Begin Races By the End of 2020

The company aims to start the races at the end of this year and It thinks that the Airspeeder races will become a motorsport event of the future which is luring many motorsport enthusiasts. At the time of the races, Alauda will provide the teams with the Airspeeders hardware, and they will be able to make necessary changes or adjustments to suit their needs.
The Airspeeder cars will be featured with the AR tech integrated inside the cockpits to help pilots navigate and maneuver the vehicle easily. They will also have LiDAR technology on the outside of the vehicles that will keep them away from each other to avoid accidents during the races. And also, as the Airspeeders are electric, the company thinks that pit stops will be of shorter duration.

Flying car racing could be headed to Australia

Once the races start, the events will be available to stream globally while some of the VIPs will get the chance to experience the races live at the spot. So, get ready for some great racing actions in the air because the flying cars are here.

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