Top Alternatives Of BeautyPlus : The Chinese Filter Camera App

Alternatives Of BeautyPlus

BeautyPlus is a wildly popular photo editing and the camera app that people use for editing selfies through AR stickers, makeup tools, and beauty effects. While the app is feature-packed and comes with excellent tools, its development has been mired by controversies and privacy allegations. Security researchers that the developer behind the app — Meitu — was collecting user data in the background and was sending information to multiple servers in China. Recently, the Indian govt. also issued an advisory stating that BeautyPlus and many other Chinese apps might be spying on the user. In this article, we will talk about top Alternatives Of BeautyPlus.

Alternatives Of BeautyPlus:

1. Snow Alternatives Of BeautyPlus

Snow is a popular camera app and Alternatives Of BeautyPlus just like BeautyPlus for creating great selfies. The app has been developed by Snow, Inc and it’s based out of South Korea. As for the features, Snow comes with an incredible number of tools for photo retouching. You have plenty of AR makeup effects, similar to AR filters on BeautyPlus. You can also use the existing AR makeup effects to create the best version of yourself or create custom beauty effects for a more personal look. Apart from that, Snow comes with thousands of stickers and they are updated regularly based on the season and the popular trend going around. Another best Alternatives Of BeautyPlus.

Alternatives Of BeautyPlus

2. Candy Camera:

Candy Camera is another widely popular selfie camera app that is as good as BeautyPlus and Alternatives Of BeautyPlus, if not better. To clarify, the app has been developed by JP-brothers, Inc and the company is again based out of South Korea. Candy Camera has a diverse range of unique beautifying selfies that can make your selfies look impressive. The process to try out the filters is also extremely seamless: just swipe left or right to switch between the filters. You can also try out real-time filters while taking a selfie. Alternatives Of BeautyPlus. That is not all, Candy Camera also brings many makeup tools like slimming, concealer, whitening, lipstick, mascara, and more. Just like BeautyPlus’ Magic Brush, you can paint a new picture of yourself with Candy Camera. Apart from that, there are many make-up and seasonal stickers that are in vogue right now. You can also apply artistic effects and stickers to get the image right. All in all, Candy Camera has all the beauty tools for selfie editing and you can comfortably replace BeautyPlus with this app. Candy camera is the best Alternatives Of BeautyPlus.

Alternatives Of BeautyPlus

3. B612

B612 is a dedicated beauty and filter camera app by the makers of the Snow app that we have mentioned above. It uses advanced facial recognition technology to detect your face accurately so that beauty effects and filters don’t look artificial. Due to the improved technology, B612 can distort your face and turn you into a cute animal in real-time. It works across a diverse range of stickers (more than 1500) and gives an impressive look to the images. Moving ahead, B612, Alternatives Of BeautyPlus also features a beautify algorithm, drawing effects, editing tools, and more. In terms of make-up tools, it’s not that great as it’s primarily a filter camera app. In addition, if you are interested in creating fun boomerang videos then you can do so on this app. To conclude, B612 is a great filter camera app and you would definitely find it better than BeautyPlus, at least for AR stickers.


4. Facetune2

While Facetune2 does not bring all the features of BeautyPlus, it does come with an excellent makeup editor. The app has been developed by the award-winning company Lightricks (based in Israel) which is also behind Enlight Pixaloop– a top-notch photo animator app. Anyway, coming to Facetune2, you can retouch your selfie and add personal glam to your photos to give a distinct look. It has some of the best image correction features from where you can whiten the teeth, brighten your eyes, change lighting conditions, and adjust face contours from different points. Alternatives Of BeautyPlus is Facetune2.

Alternatives Of BeautyPlus


These were the best Alternatives Of BeautyPlus. Try out these filter camera apps and you will not miss beauty plus anymore.

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