This Guy Creates Some Amazing Looping GIFs Using Code

Amazing Looping GIFs

GIFs are something we all use a lot on various social media platforms. However, none of those meme GIFs or the looping ones compare to the GIFs made by this graphic designer. Going by the name Joseff N, this guy is a graphics motion designer who creates some mind-bending GIFs with the help of coding. While scrolling through Twitter I discovered his creations and I immediately thought of sharing his astounding GIFs with the world. He has Amazing Looping GIFs.

Amazing Looping GIFs

Now as per Jo’s Twitter account, he creates GIFs with the help of coding called “Processing”. Processing is an open-source flexible software sketchbook that helps students, artists, researchers, and graphic designers learn to code to create visual arts.

Josef is a maths student at the University of Warwick. Josef is a UK individual keen in Graphic design. He has a keen interest in GIFs. He uses the “Processing” software to learn to code and creates some of the trippiest looping GIFs I have ever seen. According to his bio, the guy started coding since 2018 and has made wondrous progress in these two years.

Josef’s looping GIFs are one of the best things you can get to see on the internet. He actively shares his works on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Dribble, and on his GitHub pages too. So, if you want to check out some of the Amazing Looping GIFs on the internet, you can head to his accounts. You can also see these looping GIFs on Facebook. The GIFs can look like star gazing GIFs or even like a snake.

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