Amazon India Now Has a Dedicated Mask Store


INTRO: As the Coronavirus lockdown approaches its kinda-sorta end as slowly every country is lifting the lockdown slowly and steadily, people need to learn living in the new normal after the coronavirus situation. That means a lot of things, and it also means wearing masks in public places. To help with that, Amazon India has now launched a dedicated mask store on its website.

Amazon Launched a Dedicated Mask Store

The mask store from Amazon India Fashion offers over 500 cloth masks from 35 different sellers on the platform. The store, accessible from this link, has masks of a variety of types. You can get N95 masks, cloth masks, 2/3-ply masks, and more. If you usually commute via bikes, you can buy riding and cycling masks as well.

Wide Collection Of Masks

Amazon India Mask Store has a wide selection to choose from. Personally, keeping an N95 mask for dense public places is my preference. However, I also use printed masks for regular outdoor use because they don’t look as bland and boring. If we have to live in this new normal, it’s important to make sure the new normal doesn’t look too dystopian.

You Can Buy Them In Combos

The store also lists some items that aren’t masks, but can be used as makeshift masks when needed. These include things like scarves, balaclavas, stoles, and handkerchiefs. You can buy masks from the store individually, or in packs of 3, 5, or 10 masks.

There are also some DIY hacks and tips that you can use to make masks at home if you need/want to. You should check these tips out as well.

Visit the Amazon Mask Store


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