Amazon Launches ‘School From Home’ Storefront With Curated Offerings for Students


INTRO: The e-commerce giant Amazon has announced the launch of its new ‘School from Home‘ online store in India. The new storefront offers curated items for students studying from home because of the pandemic.

School From Home Online Store Launched By Amazon

The School From Home store offers a wide selection of products across study and writing essentials, stationery, electronics and home furnishing. The electronics category seems to be especially well-stocked, with laptops, tablets, PCs, headsets, speakers, printers and more. The company had earlier announced a dedicated mask store.

Recent Search Trends Leaded Amazon To This Idea

Amazon claims that recent search trends on the platform show a surge in search for work-from-home and study-from-from products, including laptops and PC peripherals. Searches for routers and study tables have also increased exponentially, the company said. According to Amazon, the ‘School from Home’ store has been created to simplify the shopping experience for parents. The initiative will help parents, teachers and students create a perfect learning zone at home, the company said.

Discounts And Deals

In a press release on Thursday, Amazon said that it is offering a number of deals and discounts for folks on the lookout for home-schooling essentials. Deals are available on textbooks, stationery, writing essentials, computers, peripherals, cabinets, bookshelves, table lamps, and more. The store also offers art and crafts supplies, sports goods, healthy snacks for kids, gardening equipment, and more.

With most schools and colleges in the country still closed, kids are expected to continue studying from home for the foreseeable future. This means the new, curated store on Amazon may be a helpful addition for them, as well as their parents and teachers. You can check out the Study From Home Store on

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