Amazon Unveils Its First Custom Electric Delivery Vehicle


INTRO: Amazon has announced its first custom electric delivery vehicle built in partnership with American automaker Rivian. Developing an in-house electric delivery vehicle is a component of Amazon’s plans to form all shipments net-zero carbon by 2040.

Through this partnership, Amazon states it’ll launch 10,000 custom delivery vans by 2022. In addition, the e-commerce giant has ambitious plans to expand its availability to 100,000 by 2030.

As for the custom electric vans themselves, they’re built with safety, navigation, and style features in mind. For starters, Rivian has used sensor detection for highway & traffic assist capabilities. Furthermore, Amazon has integrated its voice assistant, Alexa, for hands-free access to route information and weather updates.

amazon delivery van interior

The large windshield of the van ensures that the driving force has proper visibility on the road and adjacent vehicles. Speaking of visibility, the electrical van also equips 360-degree exterior cameras whose video output is often seen on the central display inside the cabin.
Safety features of the van include a strengthened door on the driver’s side, bright tail lights at the rear in order that other vehicles can easily identify when the van applies the brakes and three levels of shelving with a bulkhead door.

amazon delivery van display

“We combined Rivian’s technology with our delivery logistics knowledge, and therefore the result’s what you see here-the way forward for last-mile delivery. We wanted drivers to like using it and customers to feel excited once they saw it driving through their neighborhood and pulling up to their home,” said Ross Rachey, Director of Amazon’s Global Fleet and Products in a official blog post.

This custom electric vehicle is one among Amazon’s latest initiatives to extend the speed of electrical vehicle adoption in its delivery fleet. The company recently also announced its plans to feature 1,800 electric vehicles in Europe and 10,000 e-rickshaws in India.

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