AMD Ryzen Motherboard: List Of All Best AMD Motherboards

AMD Ryzen Motherboard

AMD’s line of Ryzen CPUs are now into their 3rd generation and have done something no-one would have expected just 6 months ago. That’s right, for the first in – well forever – AMD has actually surpassed Intel in the battle for CPU hierarchy. Their incredibly powerful Ryzen 5 3950X CPU currently sits at the top of the CPU list thanks to an abundance of power across both single and multi-core processes. Here you will have a list of AMD Ryzen Motherboard.

It isn’t just the 3950X that impressed us though; the entire lineup of 3rd Gen CPU’s from AMD hit shelves showcasing fantastic performance that either exceeded or equaled that of their Intel counterpart. Furthermore, AMD has stuck to its word by designing all the latest chips with AM4 compatibility.

That means whether you’re looking for the best X570 or a budget B450, you’ll be able to find a motherboard within your price range that can house one of these great chips.

Hopefully, after reading this article you will have a thorough understanding of what differences you are likely to find between various boards and which ones best suit your specific needs.

So, with all being said, let’s not waste any more time and dive straight into what we have rated as the best AM4 motherboards available.


The MSI MEG X570 Godlike is by far the most expensive AM4 socket in this guide but we feel it justifies its price tag. It comes to the table with cutting edge performance levels, newly enhanced build quality, and a bucket load of features that have been custom designed for high-end builds.

If what you’re looking for is brilliant performance wrapped inside a gnarly, RGB riddle package then look no further, the MSI X570 Godlike ticks all those boxes and then some.


The first thing that struck me when viewing the ASUS TUF X570-PLUS was it’s striking looks. Most (sensible) people probably make features and performance their number one priorities, however, we simply couldn’t ignore how well this thing looks at the heart of an AMD build.

Looks aside though, the performance levels of this board are extremely high thanks to its 12 + 2 Phase IR Digital PWM design. Overclocking was clearly high on ASUS’s agenda when developing this product as the potential is pretty impressive.

This board has a whole bunch of cool features that we explore in more detail further down, but ultimately, it’s our runner up and is another superb product from ASUS.

AMD Ryzen Motherboard

3. MSI X-570 AMD Ryzen Motherboard

This is MSI’s second entry into our best of guide and it’s hard to argue against its position in this guide. It comes to shelves at sub $200- a price tag we feel is incredibly good value for money. The X570 range doesn’t characteristically have many budget boards amongst its ranks. Having said that, this one certainly showcases excellent value for money at a reasonable price.

If you’re looking for a powerful motherboard that comes to shelves equipped with good features, great build quality, and is affordable, then look no further.


This is by far the reasonable price X470 motherboard we’ve looked at in this guide, don’t be put off by its low price tag though. This board comes to the table with a fantastic array of features that cater towards gamers and enthusiasts alike.

MSI’s signature Mystic Light has been utilize in this board and when paired with its exciting new design creates a really attractive aesthetic that would make a great base for any gaming rig.


The great thing about the B550 motherboard is it is ready to go with those newer Ryzen 3rd gen chips and boast support for future AMD Ryzen processors too. These new B550s remove the issue that the older B450s had, you no longer need to flash the BIOS or buy a “MAX” variant to get it working

It also comes equipped with a very aesthetically pleasing design and the build quality from ASRock is excellent as usual.

How We Choose AMD Ryzen Motherboard

The answer, ultimately, boils down to our dedicated team of PC enthusiasts. They spend hours researching and debating the newest technologies currently available so that when a list like this is compiled, they are bang up-to-date with what’s best.

The following list is the criteria that we implement into each product to make sure it’s suitable for our audience. The categories are as follows:

  1. Staying up to date. No one wants to receive outdated information, so we do our due diligence to ensure we’re always on top of industry trends!
  2. Research is key. Tech is complicated and can be multifaceted, so we scoured the internet to find the motherboards everyone is using, what components are working best with those boards, and several other key factors.
  3. Narrowing down. Once we have a pool of candidates, we start narrowing down based on things such as: features, reviews, personal experience, etc. The final candidates are the ones that made the biggest impact.
  4. Performance Levels.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Gaming Motherboard

So above is stripped back, sneak peek at our list of best AM4 Socket motherboards. Now, you might be asking yourself, that’s brilliant but what actually separates these boards from one another? What should I be looking for when deciding which to choose?

They’re great questions and ones people ask regularly. We’ve decided to break down the most important aspects of the motherboard and explain what they do and why they’re important. We do this to educate you as an informed consumer is much more likely to make the correct component choice.

AMD Ryzen Motherboard

The following are some of the aspects of a motherboard you should be taking into consideration when researching which one to purchase.

Form Factor AMD Ryzen Motherboard

The form factor, for lack of a better word, is the physical size of the board. In this article we cover a broad range of motherboard forms so it’s a great point to discuss the features and benefits of the main types. The most popular forms range from E-ATX (designed for PC enthusiasts looking to build the best of the best) right down to the Mini-ITX (for consumers who want a build with an extremely low footprint).

The footprint is something you need to figure out at the start of the build process. If you start a build not knowing the form factor of your board you might find at the end of the build certain components just won’t fit. Which is going to be annoying, time-consuming and potentially costly.


Probably the most important factor when choosing which motherboard to start with is the chipset. The chipset, for those that are unaware, is the key factor in determining which features your motherboard comes with. The features range from PCIe lanes and SATA ports right through to overclocking support and the USB generation.

You really need to make sure you know your motherboard’s chipset before your start buying the other components or you might find yourself in a position where you’ve bought a piece of hardware that has nowhere to live.

Also, with technology advancements moving quicker than ever, always check to see if your specs are up-to-date.


We come to the end of our best AM4 motherboard guide and hopefully, we have covered all the bases when recommending the top boards in today’s market. Whether you’re looking to build a gaming rig that is going to really show off the performance of your hardware components or you’re on a budget and just need something to glue everything together, we feel our list caters for all needs.

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