Anchor’s New Tool Lets You Convert Video Calls into Podcast-Ready Audio


INTRO: Like so many of the other industries in the whole world, the Novel Coronavirus pandemic has hit the podcast industry very hard. As creators, we cannot go to their respective studios to record the new podcasts or Spotify-owned podcast platform, but now Anchor is now allowing users to convert their video conferencing sessions into podcasts.

Podcast Industry Struggling Due to Pandemic

The music streaming platform Spotify has been moving forward its podcast streaming service with the addition of newly updated, many features like the curated podcast playlists and the improved podcast suggestions which is based on the listening habits of the user. Now, as the podcast industry is struggling and suffering due to the ongoing pandemic, also Spotify wants to take this opportunity and wants to cash it out. So, the company has added the feature of converting the video conference calls into podcast-ready audio to its podcast platform, Anchor, which it was acquired back in 2019.

Conversion Tool of Anchor works on Majority of Video Conferencing Platforms

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Now, if we talk about the conversion tool of Anchor, it works with most of the popular video conferencing apps like Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Twitch, Instagram Live and many more. The tool can also take up the format.MP4 and.MOV files and then convert it into high-definition audio. So, if you want to convert your video call session into an audio podcast, all you need to do is record your video call session and then upload it to Anchor’s website. After you upload the video, the conversion tool of Anchor automatically extracts the audio out of the video file and then you can find it in the “Your Episode” section of the website.

Also, You can then further edit the audio file as per your requirements or needs by trimming or splitting it. You can then also use the in-built background scores, the sound effects and even a voice recording.

The new edition of this feature comes at the best time for music streaming platform Spotify as the podcast industry is slowly gaining pace again. According to the recent reports from NiemanLab, recently the downloads of podcasts got increased by 4% and the audience increased by 2%, after a dry and slow run due to the Coronavirus-led pandemic. Now, the only time will tell us how much Spotify benefits itself or its podcast platform from this move.



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