Android 11 DP4 Adds New Icon Shapes to the Launcher



INTRO: With the arrival of Android 11 developer unscheduled fourth developer preview, there’s not a whole lot to really talk about. One area Google has made a few tweaks, though, is with the home screen with new icon shapes to choose from in Android 11 and more.

Google Previews Android 11 Developer preview

Google last night rolled out a fourth, unscheduled, developer preview for Android 11, and as one would expect at this point, there aren’t a lot of big changes all over the place. That said, there still are things that Google is tweaking and testing, and one such thing is the Android 11 launcher

New Customisation Options in the Launcher

In this new devloper, Google is testing a couple of new customization options in the default Android 11 launcher. There are two new icon shapes that can be selected when creating a custom style for the launcher including a rather bad-looking hexagon, and a quatrefoil. You can see the new icon shapes in the screenshot below.

Interestingly enough, you can choose from the two new icon shapes when creating your own custom style in the launcher app, but they don’t actually show up on the screen if you apply the custom style you created. That’s something we expect to see fixed in the next few iterations of these beta software.

Two New Shapes for the Icons

More excitingly, Google has expanded on customizability further. In Android 11 DP4, there are two new shapes for icons on the home screen and in other portions of the system. The first of those shapes is a hexagon — though a weirdly slim one — and also a quatrefoil (aka four circles connected). I’m not sure who will really want to use these extra shapes, but I guess any choice is good!

Apart from this, reports from 9to5Google also says that a change in the shape of the chevron that identifies the app drawer. It’s apparently wider now, but with the same height as before. I didn’t really notice it myself, but it looks fine to me.

What are your thoughts on the new icon shapes that are showing up? Let us know.


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