Android 11 Will Force Users to Use the Built-in Camera App


INTRO: As now we approach the full-fledged release of Android 11, a number of the hitherto undiscovered changes within the upcoming version are coming to light. One such change has got to do with how third-party apps use the camera on Android 11 devices. As it seems, users will not be ready to choose their default camera app under certain circumstances.

Originally spotted by Android Police, Android 11 won’t allow users to settle on third-party camera apps to require pictures or any videos on behalf of other apps. Instead of that, it’ll force them to rely solely on the built-in camera app thereon phone. On a problem Tracker thread, a Googler defended the change, saying: “We believe it is the proper trade-off to guard the privacy and security of all of our users”.

Android 11 makes changes to default camera apps - 9to5Google

As things stand now, apps that require to use the camera but don’t have a built-in camera app, like barcode scanners, say as an example, ask to use the default camera app on the phone. The system then prompts the user to pick their preferred option from an inventory of installed camera apps on the device, including third-party applications.

However, that is apparently changing with Android 11. If the new report is anything to travel by, Android 11 will now automatically select the manufacturer’s pre-installed camera app within the aforementioned scenarios without supplying you with the choice to choose your default camera app. While it’s unlikely to be an enormous deal for many users, power users won’t exactly be proud of the change.

Meanwhile, a report from 9to5Google claims that in Android 11 beta, all the users can still set a default camera app by just double-tapping on the facility button. It’s not immediately clear on whether that option will still be available within the final release version.

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