Top 10 Free Android Apps to Download Music & Listen Offline

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Looking for free android apps to download music? Music is an art, and we can’t live without it. Even, most of the people have their daily routine to listen to their same favorite track every day. There are a good number of apps are available on Android platform that let you listen music online. But, what happen with low internet connection or no internet connection.

You need to be ready before that situation happens. One of the best solution is download your favorite music tracks and songs then listen them offline without internet connection. Still, there are some awesome music apps on android platform that let you listen to your favorite songs on low internet connection i.e. Wynk Music: Mp3 and Hindi songs.

Below, we have also covered more awesome apps for both online and offline music listening. Just scroll down and read the whole article to not miss any important update and information. Below, we have featured the list of top 10 best apps to listen music online and download them offline as well. We have personally tried all the below featured apps, and they are awesome.

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List of Top 10 Best Apps to Download Music Online and Listen Offline

1. Spotify Music


This list begins with Spotify Music the let users download unlimited music and the can also listen the downloaded music offline without any interest connection. Spotify Music is one of the top rated apps on Google Play Store in the list of top Music Android apps. This app offers an easy to use user-friendly interface. Here, you can listen to artist, albums, songs, playlists and more just by a single click.

You can even also create your own playlist of your favourite songs. It also let users download their favourite songs to listen them later. If you liked the free version then you can also go for the Spotify Premium that offers no ads while playing a song. Overall, it is a good app for music enthusiasts.

2. Free Mp3 Downloads

Second, we have Free Mp3 Downloads. This app also let you listen music online and even download your favourite songs directly to SD card to listen them anytime without internet or Wi-Fi connection. It has a separate tab for listening downloaded and local music. The interface of Free Mp3 Downloads is decent and clean as well.

Here, you will listen to only those songs who are licensed as Free to Use. Even, there will be no commercial music can be found here.

3. 4Shared


4Shared is a very popular app on Android platform that you can use to listen all your favorite songs and you can download all your favorite songs to local storage as well. You can download and install 4Shared on any android device. Users can also playlists of all their favorite songs and play them in shuffle mode is also possible. People who are in search of the best music app for both online and offline purpose can give 4Shared a try.

You can also register yourself and get a 4Shared account. Not only music, you can also stream your favourite videos as well.

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4. Gaana: Bollywood Music & Radio

Next, the best music app in this list is Gaana: Bollywood Music & Radio. Interested users can download Gaana app directly from Google Play Store for completely free. This app comes with awesome features to listen music both online and offline. It has a vast database of more than 10 million music tracks and songs, thousands of playlists are available as well.

You can listen to non-stop radio as well. Users can access all their favourite Bollywood songs, reginal songs and Hollywood tracks as well.

5. Mp3 Music Download App

Mp3 Music Download app give users access to the CC-licensed Mp3 songs. This app is very easy to use. Using it, you can download your favorite songs and music tracks, Download option is also available within the app. It also works as the music player as you can listen downloaded songs and music tracks as well. This app features music from indie or unknown artists published under public domain or Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

6. Simple Mp3 Downloader

In the middle of this list, we have Simple Mp3 Down loader as another best music app to listen music and download your favorite music tracks as well to your local storage. This app also offers a decent and clean interface that’s making it a user-friendly app. It allows users to download an unlimited number of songs easily. If you need then you can also use the search bar to search your favorite music tracks. Overall, it is a must try app.

7. Google Play Music


Here, we have an awesome product from Google i.e. Google Play Music. This app is a must try app for all music enthusiasts who are currently reading this article. Here, you will find all your favorite music tracks and songs of all genre, movies. Top rated albums and playlists can also found on Google Play Music. Not only on Android platform, you can enjoy it on iOS platform and on web as well.

It also features radio stations that are awesome to listen. Interface is good as it is a Google product. You can even subscribe to podcasts as well.

8. SoundCloud


Whenever it comes to have the best music app for both online listening and downloading, SoundCloud automatically pop-ups into our mind. This is a popular and must downloaded music app on Google Play Store. It is being widely used by music enthusiasts. Here, you can listen to all your favorite music. It covers music of all moods with a vast database of music tracks and songs. You can also create your playlists from lock screen. For offline purpose, you can download music tracks as per your ease.

9. Download Mp3 Music

Second last, in this list, we have Download Mp3 Music as another best app to listen a vast library of music and access them offline after downloading as well. You can use the search bar and search songs by genre, popularity, mood, instruments, artist and albums. Here, you will find music from all genre like rock, dubstep, pop, bass, rap, rnb and more. This app offers faster performance as its engine is built as multi-threaded.

10. Wynk Music: Hindi and Mp3 Songs

wynk music

On the last of this list, but not the least we have Wynk Music: Hindi and Mp3 Songs. This app has very well-maintained, easy to use, user-friendly interface. This is actually a value added service by the Airtel. This app is holding most downloaded app stand on Google Play Store. You can listen to music with low, high, HD music quality depending on speed of your internet connection. It has a vast database of more than 2.5 million songs. You can download all your favorite songs and listen them offline as well. You can also use the search bar to find your favorite songs. This is a must try app in this list.

Few More Words

Above, we have featured the list of top 10. The Best apps to download all your favorite tracks online and download them offline to listen them later. Comment below if you face any questions, we will try our best to give answers and don’t forget to mention below if you are aware of any other best one music listening and offline music Downloading app for Android platform which must be discussed here.

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