Samsung & Google Android Keyboard Shortcuts That You Aren’t Aware Of

Gboard keyboard shortcuts android

We use smartphone a lot and spend our most of the time in messaging apps, agree? But sometimes we thought, oh! Is there any way available which can boost my typing speed? Answer is “Yes“. If you’ll aware of the cool Android Keyboard Shortcuts then surely your typing speed will be boosted.

Well, most of the smartphones are based on Google keyboard & on Samsung devices they’ve built their own keyboard called Samsung Keyboard.

I’m going to show you both Google & Samsung Android Keyboard Shortcuts, which will help you to satiate your typing skills on an Android.

By the way, there are ample keyboards available on the Google Play Store but I’m going to talk about only two popular and best keyboards for Android.

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Google Android Keyboard Shortcuts

With the Google Keyboard, you can feel the beauty of writing on your Android, because the lineaments of their Keyboards are decent. You don’t need to be a fundi to learn that tricks (Google Keyboard Shortcuts), which I’m going ti talk about now.

1. Glide Typing: Write by Swiping your keyboard

Google has built embedded some cool gestures in their keyboard and it’s one if them. For instance, if you want to type fast without having a chance of mistake, Google Keyboard allows you to do so.

Gboard keyboard shortcuts android

There are a lot of like lineaments of Glide type of Google Keyboard. Like, typing by swiping on keyboard, moving cursor by moving hands across the space bar, Delete items by holding and swiping the delete icon left.

If you aren’t able to use this feature, it ensures you haven’t enabled this feature from the Gboard settings page. To enable this follow below steps.

1) Open Gboard in your smartphone.

2) You will find all setting option.

3) Tap on “Glide Typing” from them.

4) Inside Glide Typing, turn the all for options ON.

5) That’s it, now you can the advance features of Google Keyboard.

Google Android keyboard shortcuts

2. Search meaning, definitions & links while typing

With the new update of Gboard (Google keyboard), now you can search meaning, definitions & get link details without leaving your keyboard; all features are embedded in the Gboard.

Google keyboard shortcuts android

Isn’t it unbelievable features but they surely exists.

This all options are in the G icon located at the top left side of your Google keyboard.

If you have to search meaning of a word then you’ve to surely go through the long way but with this shortcut, you can now do it easily. It’s will save your time & also boost up your writing skills.

If you’re unable to find that G icon, means you’re using old version of Gboard. Update it from Google Play store.

Google Android Keyboard Shortcuts

3. New Emojis, GIFs and a lot more

Google has embedded all brilliant Emojis in their Gboard so that you don’t have to waste your more time in finding that elsewhere.

To find these Emojis & GIFs, tap on the G icon located on top left of your Gboard and enter the expression, you want to use Emojis for.

For example, I’m very happy so I’m writing very happy after tapping G icon and all happy Emojis comes in your keyboard.

Checkout below image, for more details.

Samsung Android Keyboard Shortcuts

Likewise Google, Samsung has also built their own beautiful keyboard which is exclusively available for Samsung devices. In my device, I have also Samsung Keyboard and I found it best. Comparing to the features from Google keyboard it has not do much competitive but still I love it.

The typing on Samsung Keyboard is much faster than Google. There are a lot of features which you aren’t using in Samsung Keyboard. So, let’s get aware.

1. Gilde Typing: Write by Swiping of keyboard (Like Gboard)

Yes, if you’re assuming that Glide typing feature is only available in Google keyboard then obviously, you’re wrong. Samsung also allow you to do Glide typing for fastest typing.

Samsung calls this feature Continues Input which is located in the Keyboard Swipe setting options of Samsung Keyboard Settings.

Samsung Android Keyboard Shortcuts

If you select Cursor control, then it will move cursor when you move hands on keyboard letters. Likewise you did in Gboard using space bar.

2. Hot Keys: Press Numbers and Get your saved word or phrase without typing

There are amazing features of Samsung Android Keyboard. You can assign words to your keyboard numbers and when you press hold that automatically the phrase or word will appear.

Means it will save your time and help you to boost up your writing skills. You can add words which you use multiple time and the words which you’re habituated of.

Checkout below image, on how to enable hot keys in Samsung Keyboard.

Samsung Android Keyboard Shortcuts

Now, when I press hold 1 key then automatically SmartTechGuys will be entered in tying area. You can add up to 10 words, sentence or phrases which you se most.

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Thanks For Reading Our Android Keyboard Shortcuts Post

Well, that’s all for now. These are some cool tricks which I use personally to boost my typing skills on my smartphone.

If you’re contemplating which keyboard I use then answer is, Samsung keyboard. It will result in faster typing than Google for me.

What’s your favourite Keyboard?

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