Android TV Now Supports Background Audio Streaming


INTRO: One of the most comfortable and convenient features of Android TVs is the native, in-built support for Google Chromecast. According to the reports, the Chromecast built-in app has gained a new update that brings background audio streaming.

Google Chromecast New Update Brings Background Audio Streaming

Android TV Now Supports Background Audio Streaming | Beebom

According to the reports from 9to5 google site, it mentions that you can now play media from streaming services like Spotify or YouTube Music and then you can continue using the TV while the music continues to play in the background. For example, let’s consider you are planning to watch a movie on your television and you’re not entirely sure about which one to choose. With this update, you can conveniently scroll down through the visible infinite list of movie titles while vibing to some mellow tunes in the background.

Feature for All the Android TV Users 

The ability to play the background music on Android TV because of the Google Chromecast isn’t entirely new, though Because Spotify’s app for Android TV already had the feature for quite a while now. This latest update, but expands the scope of the feature to other apps. When the media is playing in the background, the Android TV offers its users the two quick controls namely the Open and Stop feature, along with the track’s album art, title, and artist. The Open button takes you back to the app while the Stop button ends the playback right away.

Audio Playback Will Continue Until You don’t Open Another Media From Different App

The audio playback feature from Google Chromecast continues until you don’t move to other media applications or you start another media from the second app. As further reports point out, Play Movies and Disney+ allow the music to continue playing in the background while Hulu doesn’t. With all of That said, it is worth noticing that video content being cast will stop as soon as you come outside of it. In easy words it means that you can’t possibly run TV shows as a source of background noise while you’re exploring something else on the TV.

In case you’re not seeing the feature on your Android TV, you may consider enrolling in through this link Chromecast built-in app’s beta program.


























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