Apple Is Developing a Dual Display Stand for Its $5000 Pro Display XDR


INTRO: With the discharge of 1 of the simplest displays of the year, Apple also released a $1,000 Pro represent the professional Display XDR. Now, a recent patent suggests that Apple is developing a replacement version of this stand and it’ll be ready to hold two external displays side-by-side.

The patent, titled Dual Display Stand, was initially filed by the Cupertino giant with the US Patent and Trademark Office back in 2019. So, according to this patent, Apple has thought of a way to tweak its existing Pro Stand to hold two external displays similar to its Pro Display XDR simultaneously and in an effective side-by-side position.

The new stand, as per the patent, will have a horizontal support bar connecting two vertical legs which are to support the displays when in use. Now, apart from moving the displays upward or downward, users will also be able to adjust the angle between the two displays.
apple dual display stand 1

apple dual display stand 1

This is possible because the horizontal support bar features a bendable joint at the middle , which allows users to control the angle between the external displays. Moreover, there are handles on each side of the stand to enable users to hold each side of the stand and adjust the position of the displays easily and quickly.

Now, we all know the significance of multi-display setups in today’s digital world. Improved productivity and seamless workflow are a number of the first reasons why companies try to enhance dual-display smartphones and release accessories to connect external displays on mobile devices.

So, this patent from Apple shows that the Macbook-makers understand the importance of dual-display setups, and that they want to deal with this with this new “Dual Display Stand”.

However, as this is often Apple we are talking about, whenever the corporate releases this new Dual Display Stand Pro or whatever they call it, don’t be surprised if they ask for an extravagant amount in exchange. After all, it will be a “revolutionary” tool for your external displays. They always are!

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