Apple Is Giving a Hefty Bonus to Employees That Are Willing to Work from China


INTRO: Although Apple can be pretty mean to leaker-employees, the company does take care of those who work diligently. Earlier this year, following the world-changing pandemic, we saw the Cupertino tech giant send care-packages to its employees working in China. Now, Apple is reportedly giving hefty bonuses to encourage employees to return to China for business purposes.

According to a recent report, Apple lifted its travel restrictions for workers flying to China back in October. Since then, the iPhone-makers are reportedly giving voluntary employees traveling to the Asian country a hefty bonus to bear with the COVID-protection protocols in China.

Previously, Apple employees traveling to China could take a 10-day business trip and return to the States. However, consistent with new protocols, any employee traveling to the country must stay for a minimum of six weeks, as they might need to stay isolated for the primary two.

During these two isolation-weeks, the employees would be staying in a budget hotel chosen by the company. They will not get any restaurant delivery and will only have to eat stale Irish lamb stew made by the China Eastern Airlines staff. Moreover, with the shortage of laundry service, the workers got to hand-wash their own clothes in their washrooms.

So, as you can imagine, cooperating with these safety-protocols is pretty exhausting and depressing. And that is why Apple is giving a hefty bonus of $500 (~Rs. 37,315) each day to employees who are willing to travel to China for work.

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