Apple Made a Second Retail Box Just to Include EarPods with iPhone 12 in France


INTRO: Following the removal of the power adapter from the Apple Watch box, Apple created yet another controversy by removing the EarPods and power adapter from the iPhone 12 boxes. However, one country, in which the Cupertino giant still needs to include the EarPods with its mobile devices, is France. So, the company made a separate box just for its earphones for the French customers.

France, if you didn’t know, is that the only country within the world where smartphone makers are obligated to incorporate a “hands-free kit” for the purchasers, as per government laws. This, consistent with the govt, is to guard children under 14 from the potential risk of electromagnetic waves from smartphones.

Now, as Apple removed the additional accessories from the iPhone boxes, they made a new, much smaller retail box for its mobile devices. We already saw these slim boxes which only contain the device, a USB-C charging cable, and a single Apple sticker. So, clearly, there’s no space for Apple to pack the mandatory “hands-free kit” in these boxes.
Moreover, these new boxes are consistent worldwide, and France isn’t an exception during this . However, the obligation to include the EarPods in France led Apple to produce an additional box, just for the earphones.

This outer box, consistent with the reports, is far larger than the new boxes and comes with no branding. In fact, the new, slim box of the iPhone comes packed inside this big white box. And the EarPods sit right at rock bottom of it.

Now, we don’t really understand this. Apple removed the accessories and made the boxes smaller to reduce waste and carbon emissions in the environment. So, what’s the purpose of the huge box for the small EarPods? Won’t this be an environmental issue as well?
However, these questions don’t matter as this is often Apple we are talking about. They will always have those sweet marketing terms to convince folks that they’re right, right?

Featured Image: TheiCollection (YouTube)

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