Apple’s New Store is an All-Glass Dome Floating on Water

Apple Inc. will soon open its world first floating Apple Store at the Marina Bay in Singapore. It is fast becoming a landmark and popular instagrammers' spot. It is shaped as a giant sphere, orb or dome. This is Apple's thirst store in Singapore. Opening date is not announced at the point of these photo shoots.

INTRO: We all know that Apple has a number of the simplest retail stores round the world. The company was one of the pioneers of dedicated retail stores for tech products and it still builds stores that deliver unique retail experiences for the purchasers . Recently, we saw the corporate unveil its first all-glass Apple Store in Bangkok. Now, the iPhone-makers have built their first “floating” Apple Store in Singapore.

An All-Glass Floating Dome

Located in the Marina Bay area of Singapore, the Apple Marina Bay Sands store sits on the waters of the bay and it looks like the entire store is floating. Termed as “Apple’s most ambitious retail project”, this Apple Store is actually a first-of-its-kind, all-glass dome that’s capable of supporting itself.

Apple marina bay sands 2

This entire dome contains 114 glass pieces connected with one another by just 10 narrow vertical bars. According to Apple, the shop is will provide “a new and captivating retail experience at one among the foremost iconic locations in Singapore”.

With the introduction of the Apple Marina Bay Sands, the corporate now has three Apple stores in Singapore. However, out of the three, this truly looks unique because it is inspired by a dome inside the Roman Temple, the Pantheon.

Now, because the store is entirely made from glass, it provides a gorgeous 360-degree bird’s eye view of the Singapore skyline and therefore the waters around it. Inside the shop , there are trees (because Apple, environment, duh!) and large wooden tables with curated Apple devices and accessories.

apple marina bay sands 5

The customers can explore the shop and interact with the Apple “Geniuses” for personalized recommendations or technical assistance. There is also “The Forum” that features a “Video Wall” for “Today at Apple” sessions with Singapore’s popular musicians, singers, and influencers.

Board Meeting with the Fishes?

However, the magic happens for the entrepreneurs and developers who are looking for training and advice. They can meet the team members of the Apple store inside the company’s first underwater “Boardroom” located within the lower tier of the shop . So aside from the Apple team members and therefore the guests, the marine lifetime of the Marina Bay also will be attending the board meetings!

Singapore's Marina Bay Sands Apple Store Is Now Open | HYPEBEAST

The company opened this unique Apple store recently and you’ll visit by booking a meeting . This is to limit the number of customers to prevent the growth of the pandemic.

So, this was the Apple Marina Bay Sands. You can inspect the official handout of the shop from here.

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