Apple Rated Number One Tech Company in Brand Intimacy Study 2020


INTRO: Apple has been rated as the number one tech company in MBLM’s 10th annual Brand Intimacy Study, which the company says is the “largest study of brands based on emotions”. The US tech giant is followed on the list by Samsung and Google at numbers two and three, while Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon, Dell, LG, HP, and Intel round out the top-ten.

Apple Ranked at the Top Tech Company in 10th annual Brand Intimacy Study

In an official press release on Wednesday, MBLM said that brands with an emotional connection with customers “significantly outperform” the top brands in the Fortune 500 and S&P indices in both revenue and profit. According to Mario Natarelli, the managing partner said at MBLM, that “Technology brands in a pandemic have become a significant and essential service in small and profound ways. Which brands rise to that challenge and position their brands for the moment will garner the greatest long-term rewards”.Overall, Amazon was rated at number one, while Disney was rated number 2. Apple was the highest-rated tech brand on the list, coming in at number three.

Only Brand from the Tech Industry to be Listed in the Top-Ten

It is also the one and only brand from the tech industry all over the world to be listed in the top-ten, which is heavily populated by automotive brands, including Ford, Jeep, BMW, and Chevrolet. Do note that Amazon is counted as a ‘Retail’ brand for the purpose of this study, which is why it isn’t counted as the number one tech brand.

The rankings in the Brand Intimacy 2020 Report are based on emotion, analyzing the responses of 6,200 consumers aged 18-64 in the US, Mexico, and the UAE. Overall, around 56,000 brand evaluations were analyzed using techniques like factor analysis, structural equation modeling, and more.


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