Apple’s Official Online Store in India to Open Next Month: Report


INTRO: For the longest time, we have had to rely on third-party authorized resellers and e-commerce websites for purchasing Apple products in India. However, there have constantly also been reports that the Cupertino giant is going to be opening its stores in India really soon. Well, a Bloomberg report today claims that Apple will open its official online store in India next month. The report lines up with previous estimates mentioned by TechCrunch also. In that report, TechCrunch said Apple will open its online store in India in Q3 2020.

Indian laws required companies to source a minimum of 30% components domestically so as to possess a primary party sales presence within the country. Apple is now manufacturing the iPhone 11, iPhone SE, and other iPhones in its Indian manufacturing facilities. Moreover, the corporate will manufacture the iPhone 12 in India also.

Speaking with people conscious of the matter, Bloomberg reports that Apple’s first mercantile establishment in India is going to be ready in 2021. While this one is going to be in Mumbai, the corporate has reportedly also finalized a second store location in Bangalore near Minsk Square.

The introduction of a politician’s presence from Apple in India is great news for the various consumers it’s within the country. Moreover, with the addition of brick and mortar stores, customers can’t only expect a wider range of products to be available within the country, but also better customer service.



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