Apple Watch ‘Fall Detection’ Feature Saves 92-Year-Old Man’s Life


INTRO: An old age American man 92-year-old has credited his Apple Watch for saving his life after he fell down 21-feet from a ladder in the last month. Jim Salsman, who is a retired farmer from Nebraska, is now recovering from a broken hip and other fractures after the accident.

According to a report from the local news station KETV, Salsman was trying to keep the pigeons away from the grain bin kept when he slipped and fell to the ground. Just immediately after that, the Apple Watch auto-dialed 911 using its fall-detection feature. “If I didn’t have this watch, I think that I would’ve been dead before anybody missed me,” Salsman said.

Apple had introduced the revolutionary fall-detection system with its Apple Watch Series 4 in the year 2018. While the emergency alerts feature suffered from a few hiccups initially in the beginning, but now it has since come a long way. More than a dozen people are still alive and kicking because of this specific feature.

Last September a man also claimed that the device saved his father’s life after a biking accident in the state of Washington. Just after a month earlier, an epilepsy patient in Australia also said to have been saved because of the watch. Apparently, the Watch called emergency services when she fell after having a seizure.

Ever since its launch, there have been several examples of the Apple Watch that is saving lives around the world. A US doctor had last year saved a person’s life by using Apple Watch Series 4 on his wrist to detect atrial fibrillation (AFib).

Apple Watch has certainly become the go-to smartwatch for the majority of the users, especially with Apple doubling down on health features in watchOS. We can expect the company to talk about more such features and updates at WWDC 2020 next week. What are your expectations from watchOS 7?


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