Apple Working on a “Steve Jobs Heritage Edition” AR Glass: Report


INTRO: There are so many rounds of rumors from Apple that they are releasing an AR glass for a long time now. But till now there is no official confirmation of the Apple glasses from the Cupertino-based tech giant. But, a new tip from recently turned one of the most credible Apple leakers, Jon Prosser,  According to him Apple might even release a special “Steve Jobs Heritage Edition” AR glass very soon.

Heritage Edition AR Glass

The famous tipster told the Cult of Mac recently in a statement that the iPhone-makers are currently working on a special pair of AR glasses that will match with the iconic Lennon-glass-like specifications that Steve Jobs brought back in the days. According to john, these AR glasses will retail for a pretty hefty high price, which will be much like the $10,000 the special edition gold Apple Watch.

John Prosser, the credible leakster also in a recent podcast interview, said, “ [Apple is also working on a prototype, which means a Steve Jobs Heritage Edition. It is “similar to how we had an Apple Watch Edition previously, like that ridiculous $10,000 gold one when it came out for the first time,”.

Further Information Awaited

The further information brings up that, the leaker said that the “Steve Jobs Heritage Edition” AR glass will be, of course, be a special edition for everybody. But, Prosser was not confirmed whether the company will use any precious metal or not manufacture the glass or not no updates on that further.

According to the reports, Apple is also working on a new UI, which is called the Starboard, for the AR glasses. This will all rely on gestures on the side of the frames or whether in front of them. The company is also even working on air-based gestures for the AR glass.


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