Are Gaming Chairs Good For Your Back? Read For More

Are Gaming Chairs Good

Gaming chairs are comfortable and stylish. But are gaming chairs good for your back? Many ergonomic scientists suggest two keys for optimal sitting. First, support for the spine’s natural curves. Second, adjustable features that help the body move while sitting. Gaming chairs follow both of these design principles. The point is to improve posture, thereby boosting health, wellness and productivity.

For years, health experts have been warning about the dangers of sedentary behavior. Despite this, people are sitting more than ever. A 2018 study by the CDC found that 25% of American adults sit for more than eight hours per day. In the UK, office workers spend around 75% of their waking hours sitting down.

How posture affects work performance Are Gaming Chairs Good

Poor sitting posture is more than a cosmetic problem. Physically, slouching stresses the spine and forces muscles to work harder. The resulting discomfort drains energy levels and increases irritability. Under constant irritation, people become distracted — and less productive.

In fact, many studies show a link between posture and cognitive performance. People with good posture tend to be more alert, engaged, and aware of their surroundings. Conversely, sitting with poor posture tends to amplify symptoms of depression and anxiety.

How do gaming chairs help?

Traditional office chairs don’t have effective back support. Thus the spine must work harder to hold the upper body against gravity. As muscles get tired, the chest closes up, and the back curls into a slouch. The longer you sit this way, the more your body gets used to it. Thus, slouching becomes the default position when sitting or standing.

Gaming chairs are different. They support good posture and prevent slouching while sitting for long periods. Many other office chairs are not designed this way.

Even if a chair feels padded, it may not be doing you any good. In fact, it may be detrimental to your health. A good gaming chair will support your hips back, hips, arms, back, shoulders, neck, and head. The chair holds your body up against gravity so your back muscles don’t have to.

By using a gaming chair, you can improve your posture and relieve body pain. The high backrest will keep your head in the correct position, taking the strain off your back and neck. With your back aligned and hips in the correct position, muscle tension will fade. Then, you can enjoy sitting comfortably for as long as you want.

Are Gaming Chairs Good or Office chairs are bad for your back

Office chairs are bad for your back because they are not adjustable. With limited adjustability, they force users to sit in static positions.

Sitting in a static position sends a subconscious signal for your abdominal muscles to relax. That weakens your core muscles, providing diminished support for the back. As a result, the back must work harder to hold your body upright when you sit. Working harder means it will tire faster.

Are Gaming Chairs Good

When the back tires, slouching sets in. Over time, that becomes a habit. Whether standing or sitting, you will start to carry your body like a hunchback.

Then, poor posture can put your whole body out of balance. Here are some common ailments caused by poor posture:

  • Muscle and joint pain: poor posture stresses the muscles and joints. Misaligned muscles and joints must work harder. Over time, this manifests as chronic pain in the back, shoulders, neck, arms or legs.
  • Poor circulation: sitting with poor posture prevents optimal blood flow. Poor circulation leads to varicose veins, especially in women.
  • Depression: many studies show a correlation between poor posture and negative emotions. For instance, people who sit upright tend to be more alert, positive and energetic. In contrast, people who slouch tend towards lethargy, negative thinking and weight gain.

How gaming chairs support the back Are Gaming Chairs Good

Several ergonomic researchers have theorized that a perfect sitting position does not exist. Rather, the human body needs to move, rarely assuming static positions.

Active sitting is also known as dynamic sitting. The idea is to engage your back, abdominal, or leg muscles while you sit. By making very small changes in your sitting patterns, you keep muscle groups active. Doing so helps to boost circulation, reduce lower back pain, and strengthen core muscles.

Unlike office chairs, gaming chairs support dynamic sitting with adjustable features. You can adjust the height, recline, armrests, neck support, and back support.

For instance, when doing intense work, position the backrest to 100°. That will ensure the backrest supports your spine as you sit in an upright working position. When your back gets tired, set the recline back a few degrees and adjust the support pillows.

Productivity benefits of good posture

Beyond health benefits, gaming chairs also help to improve computing performance. When you sit with good posture, the muscles around the spine are in balance.

When working as intended, muscles are efficient. That means less muscular fatigue, leaving more energy for focus and concentration.

Thus, the longer you sit in a gaming chair, the better your posture will become. As that happens, you can look forward to these benefits:

  • Fewer headaches: good posture reduces neck tension that causes migraines.
  • More energy: when your body is in alignment, the muscles don’t have to work as hard. That means more energy to spend on productive pursuits.
  • Reduced joint stress: awkward sitting or standing causes tension on the hips. This in turn places more stress on the joints.
  • More oxygen: good sitting posture opens the chest cavity and increases oxygen intake by as much as 30% (source).
  • Improved digestion: a slouched body compresses organs, which impacts their effectiveness.

Using a gaming chair for posture therapy

Over the years, you might develop problems caused by poor sitting habits. Then, sitting can be painful, making it hard to keep focus. A good gaming chair can help.

A quality chair will align your hips and spine into a healthy position while you sit. That takes a huge amount of pressure off of your back, neck, and upper body muscles.

When fatigue strikes, use your gaming chair’s adjustable features to compensate. You can adjust the support cushions, the armrests, or the angle of the backrest. Doing so will put tired muscles to rest and put rested ones to work.

What to Look for in a Gaming Chair

Buying a quality gaming chair can take your sitting experience to a higher level. The best chairs come with clever features that will help you sit for hours without getting tired.

Extended comfort is a priority. In a good gaming chair, you won’t need to stand up every 20 minutes to stretch your sore back.

Are Gaming Chairs Good

This section explains what features to look out for when shopping for a gaming chair.


Both cheap and expensive gaming chairs support good posture. If you only use a gaming chair a few hours a day, a cheap chair can do the job. Power users who sit full time would do well to pay more.

That’s because the best gaming chairs come with superior upholstery and features. If you sit more than six hours per day, you will start to notice the difference.

The added features on expensive chairs give you more adjustment options. These allow you to position your body in perfect relation to your desk and computer screen.

With cheaper chairs, you get a less precise fit. Sitting full-time, you may develop minor aches because of imperfect alignment. The chair may start to get creaky and the padding might flatten.


Hopefully, you liked this article. Let us know in the comments what are your thoughts and what chair are you buying!

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