Asus ZenFone 7 Series Launch Confirmed for August 26th


INTRO: For the longest time, we’ve been waiting on Asus to announce the launch date for the successor to its rotating selfie camera phone — the ZenFone 7 series. The Taiwanese giant still has not officially shared the launch date but it appears to possess leaked in an untimely fashion. The Asus ZenFone 7 series will make its official debut on 26th August in Taiwan.

Asus ZenFone 7 To Be Launched On 26th Of August

The launch date has been outed (via Twitter/yabhishekhd) by a scheduled event video on Asus Taiwan’s official YouTube channel. The ZenFone 7 series, which is predicted to incorporate the ZenFone 7 powered by the Snapdragon 865 and ZenFone 7 Pro powered by the new overclocked Snapdragon 865+ chipset, launches on 26th August at 2:00 PM (GMT+8) or 11:30 AM IST.

The video above confirms the existence of two ZenFone 7 variants but there’s not tons known about Asus’ upcoming flagship phones. Both the phones passed Bluetooth SIG certification, with the model numbers ZS670KS and ZS671KS, recently. We still don’t know anything about its design or core features.

Asus gears up for Zenfone 7 series launch on August 26

Flip Camera with 6.7-inch Display

The ZenFone 7 is rumored to retain the flip camera found aboard its predecessor, the Asus 6Z in India (known as ZenFone 6 globally). it’ll feature a much bigger 6.7-inch display, massive 5,000mAh battery, and a multi-camera setup on the rear. The video thumbnail suggests that a quad-camera setup might be in tow also.

There’s still quite every week until the official launch of the ZenFone 7 series, so you’ll expect Asus to drop more teasers and share new details within the days leading up to the launch. it’ll be interesting to ascertain what the corporate has future for us after the innovative flip camera mechanism. What are your expectations from the ZenFone 7 series? allow us to know your thoughts within the comments below.


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