Asus ZenFone 7 Spotted on Geekbench; Here Are the Key Specs


INTRO: Its been a year since the mobile maker company Asus updated its flagship ZenFone lineup. The ZenFone 6 (or Asus 6z, as it was called in India) with an advanced motorized flip camera was launched back in the month of May last year and for a long time we have seen no ZenFone devices debut. Now, an Asus device recently has today been noticed on Geekbench and the rumors say that it is the device that is going to be the next ZenFone flagship – Asus ZenFone 7.

As according to the listing of the Geekbench, this latest Asus device carries the codename as ‘Asus ZF’ and it is powered by the latest Snapdragon 865 chipset. The key highlight is the 16GB of RAM which is quite huge like gaming laptops have and that could back this device, making it capable of handling any task you throw at it very smoothly.  Currently, there’s only one phone available in the market that packs that much RAM and it’s the top-end variant of Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Asus ZenFone 7: Geekbench Score

The listing also brings out that ZenFone 7 will run on Android 10 out-of-the-box. This should be very obvious as Android 11 is still in beta form. As for the scores, you can see that the single- and the multi-core scores are 973 and 3346 respectively.

This all was firstly noticed by the Twitter user Abhishek Yadav. We have also verified the results and so that you can that out by checking out the Geekbench browser. Presently there is no leaks for what Asus is planning for the ZenFone 6 successor. There are so many questions in all our minds like, Will it come equipped with the flip camera or not? Will the device come with the traditional pop-up selfie camera mechanism to still offer a fullscreen display?

Note: We suggest you take this leak with uncertainty as there have been instances where Geekbench listings were manipulated to create a ruckus in the mind. So, now we will have to wait for an official announcement or statement from Asus to get to know more about the ZenFone 7.

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