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Baidu Root apk

We are back again guys with another awesome article that how easily and quickly you can download and install Baidu Root apk on your Android device. Baidu Root app is a very popular and widely used android rooting app that is used to root android devices with just one click. You don’t need to capture yourself in the environment of computer, installing the right adb drivers, USB drivers, long procedures to follow and execute.

One click root apps like Baidu Root app were revolutionary step in Android rooting. Moreover, using one click root apps also saves a lot of valuable time. As compared to long rooting procedures following great number of steps, your Android device’s chances to brick increases because any step wrongly followed or executed may brick your Android device. Then you will need to go to service center of your smartphone and pay a lot to use it again.

But don’t worry! Rooting an Android phone is no more a complicated process at all in today’s time because we have a great number of one click root android apps that can be used to root any android device with just one click. And, one of them is Baidu Root. This is also a one click root app that has already experienced of successfully rooted more than 6000+ Android devices.

Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss the Baidu Root app and how easily and quickly you can download and install Baidu Root app and root your Android device very easily with just one click. Therefore, it is highly recommended for all readers to give a complete reading throughout the article to not miss any important information.

Why You Need to Root Your Android Device with Baidu Root App?

There are a lot of benefits enrolled with rooting your android device. The benefits get doubled when you use Baidu Root app for the rooting an Android device procedure. By gaining root access on your android device you can install custom ROMs, Custom Recovery, Install Xposed Framework, audio mods like Dolby Atoms, tweak system files. Overall, you get full control over your Android device. Rooting an Android phone using Baidu Root app is nothing less than heaven. You don’t need computer, lot of time. Just use the one click root button of Baidu Root app and enjoy.

This is important to keep in mind that there are some drawbacks of rooting an Android phone as well. Even, some unofficial custom ROMs comes with a lot of bugs and may brick your device. Your device loss the warranty and if any step followed or executed wrongly then your device will hard brick.

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What is the Baidu Root Apk?

In very simple words Baidu Root app is a third party application available for Android platform. This app is developed especially to root android devices with just one click. Baidu Root app is not available to download and install from Google Play Store. You can download this app from third party sources but download it from only genuine and trustable websites. For the ease, you can download it from below provided link. This application is created by Chinese company. Right now, this app is available only in Chinese and Russian languages.


Here, you can download the Baidu Root app for your android device for completely free. Below, we have provided the Baidu Root app to download. Make sure to have a good working internet connection before downloading the Baidu Root App without any restrictions.


– Enable Unknown Sources


In order to install Baidu Root apk on your android device, you will need to Enable Unknown Sources option in your device’s Settings. Why we are saying this because Baidu Root app is a third party apk and you are try to install it from third party medium.

How you can enable it? To enable Unknown Sources option, Open Settings on your device. In settings, scroll down and click on Security option. Here, you will see a toggle of Unknown Sources. This toggle is saying like Allow installation from unknown sources. Simply enable it.

Important Note:- We will not be responsible if you brick your device. Rooting your android device will void its warranty. Any step wrongly followed or executed will brick your Android device. Therefore, follow this guide carefully.

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Steps to Root Your Android Device Using Baidu Root apk

1. First of all, download Baidu Root app from Download Section.

2. Now, enable Unknown Sources option using above provided guide.

3. Once done, install the downloaded Baidu Root app by moving towards the downloaded location.

4. Click on the downloaded apk file then click on Install.

5. Once, the installation is complete, open the Baidu Root app.

6. On the homescreen, you will find the Root button in the center of the screen.

Baidu Root apk

7. Click on the root button.

8. Here, you have to wait for a couple of minutes.

9. Once the procedure is complete, restart/ reboot your Android device once.

10. The first boot after root may take sometime. So, have patience.

11. Voila! You have successfully rooted your Android device using Baidu Root app.

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# Bonus:- Use the above mentioned method to Root your Android device using Baidu Root app. As we all know that no-one is perfect. Thus, there are chances that Baidu Root may fail to root your Android device. You can try again to root your Android device with it. Still, not successful? Then can try Framaroot app. We have earlier discussed it. You can try it to root your Android device with just one click.

Final Verdict

Here, we have featured the complete guide to download, install Baidu Root apk and root your android device using Baidu Root apk. Let us know in the comment section if you face any problems while following or executing the above guide. We will try our best to solve your queries.

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