Best 4K Monitors In India That Is Within 20000 Rupees!

Best 4K Monitors

Over the past few years, PC monitors have grown to adopt newer technologies giving you a more premium experience right on your desk. We will talk about best 4K monitors that are available in India.

Modern computers are powerful enough to support high-resolution monitors with 4K UHD resolution as the need for such monitors has grown both on the gaming and professional side. There are more 4k games and content available than ever before and you need a fine monitor to fully experience what the maker intended to. Let us discuss Best 4K Monitors.

Why Choose a 4K Monitor?

If you plan to buy Best 4K Monitors larger than 24 inches then it’d be wiser to invest in a 4K UHD-capable monitor. For starters, the increase in image quality and sharpness will be apparent immediately both for movies and video games. There is plenty of content available on various streaming services to take advantage of the increased resolution. Not only in media consumption, but 4K monitors will also make text look much crisper.

With these high-resolution monitors, you get a much larger working area without having to compromise on sharpness. Besides this, getting a 4K UHD monitor will also future-proof your purchase and the monitor will be better equipped to handle the oncoming wave of 4K content, including from game developers and content creators.

Top 10 Best 4K Monitors in India

1. LG 27UK650 27-inch 4K UHD HDR Monitor


1. An excellent 4K monitor from LG, this product also supports content playback in HDR and covers 99% of sRGB, 73% of Adobe RGB and 75% of DCI-P3 color space, which is essential if you value colour accuracy. This is the Best 4K Monitors.

2. The display brightness averages at 350 nits with the maximum hitting 450 nits.

3. You can rotate the display to a vertical orientation and it comes with AMD FreeSync for improved gaming performance. LG offers a warranty of 3 years of Best 4K Monitors.

Best 4K Monitors


1. LG monitors have at multiple instances been subject to quality control issues which you will have to check for before buying one Best 4K Monitors.

2. If gaming is your primary use then this display will disappoint you with its low refresh rate.

2. BenQ EW3270U 32-inch 4K UHD HDR Monitor


1. Best 4K Monitors, BenQ has created a well-rounded computer monitor that proves its versatility by offering features great for most use cases.

2. The display panel supports a wide color gamut while covering 95% of DCI-P3 color space.

3. On this large 32-inch display, you can enjoy content in 4K and HDR. BenQ’s own eye care tech protects your eyes from flickering and the monitor has AMD FreeSync for better gaming.

4. Besides a pair of HDMI ports and a display port, you also get a USB Type-C port and audio-in jack.

5. Best 4K Monitors comes with a modern design with minimal bezels around the display.


1. The company has deployed a VA panel for this display which has its own shortcomings when put against an IPS display Best 4K Monitors.

2. This Best 4K Monitors The audio output from the built-in speakers is bad enough to recommend an external pair of speakers.

3. Dell 27-inch UltraSharp 4K UHD Monitor


1. The Best 4K Monitors Aimed at productive use, this Dell monitor vows to offer great color reproduction as it comes factory calibrated with 99.9% sRGB coverage.

2. It flaunts its ultra-thin bezels and you can place two of these monitors side-by-side to have a seamless experience.

3. Dell offers one of the richest selections of ports with this monitor that has an adjustable stand for moving the monitor to your eye level.

Best 4K Monitors


1. Firstly, the price of this Best 4K Monitors is much higher than its rivals offering a similar set of features.

2. The HDR capabilities of this Dell monitor are nothing to write home about and it shouldn’t be your reason to buy this product.

4. Acer Predator XB281HK 28-inch 4K UHD Monitor


1. Best 4K Monitors Part of the Predator series, you can expect this Acer monitor to offer fantastic gaming performance while being able to run 4K titles, if your rig allows for it.

2. The monitor stand is sturdy and offers adequate adjustment to suit your needs.

3. It supports Nvidia G-Sync to reduce tearing issues while gaming and offers 1ms of response time.

4. One each of DisplayPort, HDMI port, and USB 3.0 is placed on the monitor’s back.


1. Acer has designed this monitor specifically for gaming needs and would be odd if used for business.

2. Best 4K Monitors This one too uses a VA panel that offers excellent response time but compromises on the quality.

3. Best 4K Monitors The customer support by Acer isn’t up to the mark.

5. LG 32UD59 32-Inch 4K UHD Monitor


1. Best 4K Monitors A fairly recent model from LG, this model offers an expansive estate to work on with a size of 32 inches diagonally.

2. In terms of ergonomics, you will be able to adjust the monitor to suit your viewing height while it is also compatible with HDMI 2.2.

3. The display panel supports a wide 95% of DCI-P3 color space and also has AMD FreeSync for gaming.


1. Best 4K Monitors There is a visible shift in color and an overall degradation in image quality when the monitor is viewed from an angle.

2. This monitor doesn’t support HDR and has a limited refresh rate of 60Hz which isn’t ideal for gaming.

3. The pricing is not right.

6. LG 24UD58 24-inch 4K UHD Monitor

1. Best 4K Monitors With the use of a 4K IPS panel, you can expect this monitor to offer some of the best color output.

2. The USP of this monitor is the availability of 14 screen modes with options like PiP and reader mode besides also allowing an easier switching between multiple sources.

3. The inclusion of FreeSync means you can game to a fair degree and you also get Flicker-Free tech for improved viewing.

Best 4K Monitors


1. Best 4K Monitors Backlight bleeding may be visible if you are in an extremely dark room.

2. The build quality of the monitor isn’t premium and you will get shining plastic bezels around the display.

3. You can’t manually adjust the monitor height.

7. Samsung LU28E590DS/XL 28-inch 4K UHD Monitor


1. Best 4K Monitors This Ultra HD monitor from Samsung is a great choice if casual gaming is something you plan on doing.

2. It gets bright enough at 370 nits and offers a refresh rate of 60Hz with a response time of 1ms.

3. You can expect to game at 60fps using this monitor if connected over the DisplayPort.

4. To improve it further, the company has included FreeSync for removing the tearing issue.


1. Samsung has made use of a TN panel for this monitor which is an older technology and is inferior to IPS displays particularly when viewing angles are concerned.

2. Best 4K Monitors The display doesn’t support HDR playback and isn’t even manually adjustable to maintain an optimum viewing height.

8. Acer KG281K Bmiipx 28-inch 4K UHD Monitor


1. Best 4K Monitors Even though the included stand isn’t adjustable, the monitor can be wall mounted for your convenience.

2. At a fairly reasonable price, you are getting a 4K display that is paired with AMD FreeSync technology to improve tearing issues while gaming.

3. If you are into 4K gaming, then you will get quite good frame rates with its refresh rate of 60Hz. It comes with a pair of HDMI ports and a DisplayPort.


1. Since it isn’t an IPS panel, the viewing angles are extremely narrow despite the fact the company claims otherwise.

2. The after-sales support from Acer is dubious at best. The monitor doesn’t allow adjusting the height and the display has a thick border.

9. Acer CB271HK 27-inch 4K UHD Monitor


1. Best 4K Monitors Showing off its design versatility, this Acer monitor can tilt more than any other monitor and can be rotated to vertical orientation.

2. Its 27-inch display optimally utilizes the 4K resolution and the inclusion of an IPS display means the viewing angles will be superior.

3. The display gets bright enough at 300 nits and offers a refresh rate of 60Hz with 4ms of response time.

Best 4K Monitors


1. This model was released a few years ago and its design has started to feel fairly old.

2. Though a little higher than standard models, the monitor height cannot be manually adjusted.

3. The price is a little on the higher side and the monitor doesn’t support HDR capabilities.


Before you head to the market to buy yourself a brand-new 4K monitor, you must clearly determine what will be its primary purpose. Gaming requires a different kind of monitor than say someone making spreadsheets in an office. Those in creative jobs will require a display that is colour accurate to its best.

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