Best android games to play in your free time 2020


Hey! Are you android user and looking for best android games to play?, In this article we will know some best games for android to play in your free time.

We all love playing games in our free time. Games are considered as one of the best stress busters. They are the moments that you give yourself amidst the fast-paced running life. If you are an android user and looking forward to a game that you can play on your android, then this article will act as a guide for you.

Best Android Games

Here is a list of some best android games:


Best Android Games

Players’ unknown battleground or PUBG needs no introduction. It is the most popular android game. PubG is an action game developed by Tencent Games. The game features an island where you have to survive until the end. You will compete with 99 other enemies who are ready to shoot and loot you. As soon as you get off the plane, you have to start looking for weapons and excellent guns.

The game gives the required adrenaline rush as it involves you in the game ultimately. You can invite your friends and form a duo or quad team with them and fight as a squad. The thrill is not only about action and killing enemies; you have to survive the blue zone as well. Overall the game is an addiction and must be played.

The game keeps getting regular updates, which makes it even more enjoyable. Recently, PUBG has celebrated its 2nd anniversary, and as a present, they have added an amusement park on the map.

Clash of Clans

Best Android Games

If you are a gaming lover, then you must have played clash of clans in your life for sure. The game of clash of clans or commonly known as coc is one of the most thrilling games available that is widely loved by gamers out there.

Clash of clans makes you build your village by avoiding fights with enemies, but if the tiff begins, you have to rule the battle. In the clash of clans, you have to upgrade your troops and spells. The game is top-rated among people of all age groups.


Call of Duty: Mobile

Best Android Games

Call of duty is another popular android game from the list of best android games. It is a first-person shooter action game where you have to kill your enemies to survive and win the game. The game has gone through several updates in the form of call of duty 2, call of duty three, etc. you get a map in call of duty in which you have to survive till the end of the game.

You get several advanced weapons to kill your enemies. It is an action-packed, thrilling game that you must play on your android. The game features excellent graphics that make it even more appealing and exciting. You can download the game from your google play store for free of cost.

Ludo king

Ludo king

Amidst the corona outbreak, the ludo king is emerging as the top-rated game across the world. People are loving the ludo king and playing it again and again. You can spend your time having fun with your friends and family members with this game.

If you are alone, then you can either play the game against the computer or with other online players. You can also play the game in offline mode by playing it with your family members. It can be a good together time where every family member can sit together and play this old and gold game in a new avatar.

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You can also invite your friends with a code and play the game together over the internet. In offline mode, up to 6 players can play together. Trust me; the game will become an addiction if you play it with friends.


Mini Militia

Best Android Games

Mini Militia is one of the top-rated games available for android. The game is an action game that features the fight between doodle armies. You have to create your doodle name and get into the match. and you can invite your friends and enjoy the game together. And you have to kill your enemies to ensure your victory in the game.

You get access to various weapons, jetpacks, and tools which you can use to defeat your enemies. You need an active internet connection to enjoy the game with your friends.



Angry Birds

Best Android Games

Last year the game celebrated its 10nth anniversary. The game has been loved by people all across the world for the last decade. In the game, you have to use a slingshot to kill piggies by launching birds. As a player of an angry bird, you aim to kill all the piggies in the game field, which are your enemies.

The plot of the game is that a bunch of colorful birds have to free their eggs, which are stolen by piggies by killing the enemies. The game has got different series and is available in various formats as well.

Angry Birds game is exciting as you have to unlock new levels by qualifying the current level. The game is not less than an addiction to all the gaming lovers.


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Best Android Games

It is another popular android game of best android games that is loved by people across the world. In the game, you will be spawned in a world from where you have to start mining. You have to collect resources such as iron, wood, diamond, etc. from the extraction, and you have to build things and weapons from these resources. It is a survival game where you have to beat a lot of bad guys who will look forward to killing you. The best thing about the game is that during the day you have to create a house and during the night you have to save yourself from zombies. The game is available in two variants offline and online. The game has many in-app purchases, which make the game more interesting.


Subway Surfers

Best Android Games

Subway surfers are one of the best android games. This is one of the favorite games of people belonging to all age groups. In the game, you have to support the character in saving its life. In the game, you have to run on tracks over subways. You have to keep collecting coins as they will help you in unlocking new characters. In the middle of the run, you will come across many mystery boxes and keys which you cannot afford to miss. The popularity of the game once touched the seventh sky as it was the top-rated game of the world.

You have to save yourself from bumping into the trains as well as from getting caught by the police. Hoverboard, magnets, and jetpack make you’re run more comfortably. Overall the game is exciting and fascinating. If you have not played the game yet, you must give it a try!


Temple run

Best Android Games

Temple run is one of the best android games. The game is very much popular among kids. People of all ages enjoy playing the game. In the game, you have to help a person in saving his life from a cave demon. You have to run across the map and collect coins to unlock many features and get into new levels. The run is not as simple as you have to overcome many obstacles. You have to save the person from falling from the cliff as well. The game has multiple maps from which you can choose on. To unlock the maps and different characters, you need a definite amount of coins. Daily, monthly and global challenges make the game more exciting and enthralling.


Free Fire

Best Android Games

Free Fire is another popular game in the list of Best android games that can be considered as the younger brother of pubg. The plot of the game is the same. Free Fire is also an action game where you have to kill your enemies to win the game. It is a 10 minutes survival shooter game where you have to kill the maximum of your enemies. The game is slightly different from pubg. But it has animated graphics that are different from the high graphics interface of pubg. Overall, if you do not have enough space to install pubg, you can play this 500 MB game and get almost the same feel.


Candy Crush

Best Android Games

It is one of the most loved stress buster games. People of all age groups love candy crush. It is a straightforward and stress-free game. You have to unlock various levels bypassing the present level. You have to match the candies and pass the level. The game is straightforward in the beginning and gets harder with the increase in levels. Sometimes it takes days to clear a level, so do not consider it as a kid’s game. You can unlock different characters, which will help you in passing the level. The most exciting feature of candy crush is that it is not a stressful game as action games but helps in revealing the stress. You can play the game offline. You can connect to the internet and check your ranking on the scoreboard.


This was the list of some best android games. You can play any game and get the most of the entertainment. Let us know in the comment section, which is your favorite game.


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