Best Apple Pencil Alternatives That Are Available In India


Apple introduces the Apple pencil with its iPad pro. Since then users are making use of the apple pencil for various creative applications. Both consumers and professionals are making use of this Apple pencil. The Apple pencil offers a lot of functionalities and unique experiences too. The pencil brought some unique features that the market has not seen before. However, the price of the Apple pencil is a bit costly, which means there are a ton of iPad owners who are looking for styluses similar to Apple Pencil. However, if you want something at a cheaper price, here are some best Apple pencil alternatives that you can consider buying.

Top Apple Pencil Alternatives In India:

Below are some top listed Apple pencil alternatives that you can have that works quite well and also pricing is a bit lower than the Apple pencil. On the other hand, Apple is going to launch Apple 4K television very soon.

1. Wacom CS610PK Bamboo Sketch

If there are any premium quality Apple pencil alternatives, this must be the one. The precision matches the Apple pencil. Featuring a pressure-sensitive fine tip, CS610PKtip excels in both drawing and sketching aspects. The triangular design is coupled with a soft touch surface. This soft touch surface offers a much better grip so you can comfortably hold your digital pen. Other notable feature of this digital pencil is two Bluetooth-enabled shortcut buttons and the option to choose from different fine nibs to let you sketch with precision. You can work on different apps like photo editing, taking notes, drawings etc.

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2. Logitech Crayon:

Let’s talk about our second Apple pencil alternatives which are Logitech Crayon. This device is the Apple-approved Apple pencil alternatives. Apple showcased the Logitech Crayon in its Education event which took place last year. As the device is approved by Apple, so it will work seamlessly with your Apple iPad Pro. It also offers one of the best palm rejection experiences which is far better than all the cheaper Apple Pencil alternatives mentioned in this article.  The crayon offers an impressive battery life. You can use this device for almost 7 hours without any recharging. The Logitech Crayon also brings tilt support which makes it easier to draw shades. The Crayon supports fast charging. Just 2 minutes of charging can give you a battery life of 30 minutes! which is great.

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3. Anngrowy:

The Anngrowy stylus is best for beginner level basic drawing and sketching. Featuring sturdy aluminum construction, the digital pen is durable enough to endure wear and tear. Besides, the rubber tip with 0.7mm thickness further improves durability. Drawing images or taking notes will feel smooth sailing. Better still, anngrowy supports all capacitive touchscreen devices including iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. So if you want Apple pencil alternatives just for some basic work, this is the best option for you. You can buy it from Amazon.

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4. Another Apple Pencil Alternatives Is Adonit Pro 3:

The Adonit Pro 3 is another great option that you can go for, which makes use of a precision disc instead of a fiber tip for added stability. The style of this device is not so smart compared to other Apple Pencil alternatives. Adonit Pro 3 is not meant for professionals. This can be used for some basic work purposes. This device works smoothly with all touchscreen devices. The stylus comes with a magnetic cap, which protects the precision disc while the stylus is not in use and it has a textured grip etched onto the barrel making it really comfortable to hold. This pencil comes with a unique clip to keep it securely in your pocket and it’s all-aluminum build ensures that the stylus has a long life.

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This is another best Apple pencil alternatives that worths buying. This device feels like a real pen for writing or drawing. So, if you want a stylus to have a much-improved gripping, keep this one in mind. The digital pen features an aluminum frame. And with the 1.5mm fine tip, it is more responsive and offers precise accuracy. This device does not need any Bluetooth connection to pair with. You can simply turn it on and start using it on any capacitive touch screen devices including your iPhone, iPad, and even Android devices, unlike Apple Pencil that works only with iPads.

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Here were some best Apple pencil alternatives that you can keep on your list while purchasing an apple pencil. These devices are not only low in price but also give you a premium quality feel that is nothing less than the original Apple pencil.

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