Here Are Some Best Beat Making Software Free You Can Use

beat making software free

You want to be a beat producer or you are already a beat producer, you should definitely want to try out some beat making software free. Online and free Softwares are best when you are just a beginner and don’t want to invest much on drums and other instruments.

We have listed top 5 beat making software free that can help you out and will help you to start off with the beat making you always want to do.

How To Make Your Own Instrumental Beat:

First, you should know the basics of creating your own instrumental beat before jumping into the online beat making Softwares. The first thing you need is a computer and a speaker and headphones. You’ll also need a basic understanding of how music works so you can begin to make your own beats.

Step 1: Establishing a Strong Foundation

Everything should start with a strong foundation. Start with the basics, lay down a kick and snare pattern that both inspires and keeps a strong pulse.

Step 2: Decorate

Begin with building with your own pattern. You can add hi-hats, toms, cymbals, claps, or any other sound effect of your choice. Try experimenting with your virtual instruments.

Step 3: Do Not Overpopulate:

Always remember, there’s more to a song than just the beat. Leave space for additional instruments and vocals.

Step 4: Practice

The last and most important thing is practice. Develop your craft and experiment with new sound effects and rhythms.

Top Beat Making Software Free:

Here is the list of top beat making software free for you.

1. The DAW Software:

Every producer needs a DAW software. DAW stands for Digital Audio Workspace to record, mix, edit and master tracks. With so many to choose from, it’s hard to know which DAW is best for you. With so many DAW are in the market, which ones are the best? Here is the list of some beat making Softwares that you can use for free. Some popular beat making Softwares are Logic Pro X Guide, Pro Tools First Guide, Reaper(Beginner’s), and Reaper(for advanced).

2. The Audio Interface:

MIDI instruments sound more realistic. But you should not settle for a MIDI sample when you can record your own MIDI. An audio interface will allow you to expand your beats into fully-fledged songs, adding instruments, vocals or anything else you desire to record.

3. Preamps:

Nearly all audio interfaces have their own preamps. Adding more preamps will add more colors to your pallet. Preamps can shape the tone of your recording and even offer additional features in the higher-priced products.

Top 5 Beat Making Software Free:

1. Splice Sound:

Splice has created an online beat making software free that you can give a try. You can use their trial version from here.

Simply click where you’d like to place a hit on the grid and press space bar to hear your creation.

Experiment with various drums and sound effects to create your ideal beat or browse through Splice’s royalty-free sample library for even more sounds.

Beat Making Software

2. Soundtrap:

The soundtrack is more than just a beat making software. This DAW allows you to create beats, record instruments, automate volume, and collaborate in real-time with other musicians.

Like Splice, Soundtrap allows you to create beats by clicking squares on a grid to initiate sound. Soundtrap also allows for musical typing, allowing you to create your beats live from your laptop keyboard.

Beat Making Software

3. Gismart Beat Maker:

Gismart Beat Maker is another beat making software free that you can use. The Gismart beat maker machine is an app-based maker available on both Apple and Android products. Utilizing the common grid system to create your beats, this app is incredibly intuitive. Ideal for beginners wanting to learn the ropes. The app also offers basic loops and preset beats to edit at your heart’s content.

Beat Making Software

4. Intua:

Next up on our list of beak making software free is Intua. This well-integrated app has everything professionals need to make release worthy tracks without being tied to a computer. Features include MIDI capability, Full AUv3 and IAA support, precise sequencing and a full-fledged mixer to fine-tune your mix.

Beat Making Software

5. Serato Studio:

The next beat making software free is Serato Studio.

Serato Studio is a beat making software designed to help DJs enter the world of production yet provide working producers with a quick and easy tool to record ideas fast and efficiently.

The Serato brand pride themselves on their fast and simple workflow, providing pre-made drum patters, BPM sync, and one-click key shifting. All of which help you make music faster and keep you in that creative flow.

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Before spending much on expensive music audio instruments you can try your hands on these best free beat making software.

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