10 Best Book Review Sites

    Book Review Sites

    Books are one of the best most trustworthy friend of any human being. These books not only just let you know about yourself but also enrich you with unpriceable knowledge. Books also makes you mentally strong. Your thinking perspective gets wider and wiser. Before that choosing the best books becomes a challenge. Sometimes, books with boring title are the best to get the title of a book. Therefore, reading a book review before purchasing or ordering or beginning with it is a must do step. Therefore, below we have listed top 10 best book review websites of 2019.

    List of Top 10 Best Book Review Websites of 2019

    1. AllReaders

    This list begins with AllReaders. This website works as an ideal books search engine where you can filter your search by Author’s name other than the book name. Here, users not only get the complete detailed information about the book but get the jet pack of its plot information too. Moreover, you will find books from all genres. Thus, before investing your whole valuable time into a book, you can read the short description and plot information of the relevant book to get the idea about how it go too beneficial to you.

    2. BookPage

    Second, we have BookPage. Those who are seriously looking for the best book review website will find BookPage specially developed for them. Here, you will get detailed review about books conveying every important aspect. The books reviewed here are described from ever possible perspective. The best part is that this website gets updated on regular base such that new book reviews gets added daily. Not only book reviews, you will also find blogs, cover stories, columns, author interviews and more.

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    3. Booklikes

    Next, we have Booklikes. This website is more than an ordinary book review website because here you will find views of the readers too. Actually, Booklikes is a community based platform where you get the real reality behind any book such that get more than one review regarding a particular not only from author or website but also from other readers as well. Thus, the displayed reviews creates an unbiased perspective against a book. Apart from that, users can also write blog posts on Booklikes. You just need to sign up which is completely free.

    4. Love Reading

    From its name, you can get idea that you will love to reading books here. You can also sign up for completely free on their website and get yourself enrolled in the community. Thus, you will get personal reviews of real time readers other than the critical reviews regarding the books. Even, this website possesses the best required user-interface that you will love. They have a huge database of more than 5 million plus books. Therefore, Love Reading stands as a must try book review website.

    5. Omnivoracious

    Omnivoracious is another best books review website in our list. Here, you will find cover book reviews, editorials, articles, features, news and much more. It is also popularly known as Amazon Books Review which is an Amazon service. Moreover, you will find books from all genres like horror, thriller, romance, action and much more. The user-interface is ideal for readers and books lovers. You can also subscribe to their daily digest by using your e-mail ID. We recommend to must give a try to Omnivoracious.

    6. Goodreads

    This website is actually a giant book review platform where you can access more than 2 billion books. Thus, you get the chance to read the book from every possible category. The best thing is that you can also purchase books from their platform because they have their own e-book store. Fantasy, classics, romance, drama are some of the best genres of books you will find on Goodreads. Once you subscribe for the membership then you will be eligible to get new books timely updates and notifications.

    7. Kirkus Reviews

    Kirkus Reviews is one of the best option for both readers and authors too. This website can also be used for advertising and publishing your success stores. Romance, drama, action, horror, biography, fiction are some genres you will find on Kirkus Reviews. First, you can read the detailed review of a book on their website and decide whether you should buy that book or not. If yes! Then there are third party links are also provided from where you can buy books.

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    8. The New York Times

    TNYT also known as The New York Times is one of the oldest and preferable place to read books reviews online. If you are really addicted towards the literature then you must read at least one book review at The New York Times. Here, the reviews are literally critical and in complete depth. There are most demanding editorial Marvels as well. Moreover, there is a huge variety of books from every category and covering every possible genre. Thus, if you haven’t tried The New York Times yet then give it a try to read books reviews.

    9. NPR

    Ninth and the second last in our list, we have NPR also known as National Public Radio. This website has a special book reviews section that covers books from every possible genre and category. You will find here a huge database of books. Even, this website gets new books reviews added on daily basis. Here, you will find special categories for book lovers including best books of the year, three books, risky reads and much more.

    10. Bookreporter

    Last but not the least, we have Bookreporter. This website is very popular among book lovers who like to read review of any book before proceeding to read it completely. Making things more accessible, they also let you learn more about the life of author if you are interested. The reviews featured here are at their best length. You will find that characters are more focused while featuring a review at Bookreporter. The reviews can organized by author, title, date, genre and more. If you are interested in a book and want to purchase it then there are third party buying links are provided as well.

    The Ideal Website to Read Books Reviews

    I prefer to must give a try to The New York Times as they are not just one of the oldest platform to read books reviews, but they are critical and analytical as well. Everyone has its own choice and your favourite may differ from this. Thus, above we have listed top 10 best books review websites of 2019.

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