10 Best Chrome Extensions For YouTube 2019

best chrome extensions for youtube

Looking for Best Chrome Extensions for YouTube? We all know that YouTube is the best video streaming site. YouTube has many great features and add-ons that’s why it’s trendy among the users. But what if you make your YouTube more batter for more fun? Yes, you hear right.

You can make your YouTube experience much better using these best chrome extensions for YouTube. Most of people’s are using YouTube in their browser.

So, if you are using chrome browser, then you can install these extensions for better YouTube experience. So, below we listed 10 Best Chrome Extensions for YouTube.

best chrome extensions for youtube

List of Best Chrome Extensions For YouTube

1. Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights is one of the best chrome extension. It converts all white background to dark while watching videos. Turn Off the Lights offers theater mode with a lot of customization options. The developer’s of this extension says “you can watch a video as if you are in the cinema.” You can change that dark fade color as you want, so it’s not only limited to black color fade. We recommended this extension if you’re going to enjoy the movie or videos like watching in the theater.

2. Magic Actions

Second is Magic Actions. Magic Actions is another great chrome extension for YouTube in our list. You can play videos in HD, stop autoplay, day and night mode, preview youtube video, control volume with a mouse scroll wheel, and much more things.

3. SmartVideo

Are you suffering from a slower internet connection? Then you must try this SmartVideo extension. SmartVideo is one of the best chrome extensions for youtube. Using this SmartVideo extension, you will get full control over a YouTube video. It is perfect extensions for them who have a slower internet connection and tired from buffering.

It will start automatically buffering during page loading. It will load the whole video to buffer and play it smoothly based on your internet connection. SmartVideo also works on video embedded sites. It also has some useful features like loop all videos, configures video quality, hides annotations and hides player settings.

4. Video Blocker

Are you tired from seeing recommended videos from those channels which you hate? Then Video Blocker will come in the game. Video Blocker is best chrome extensions for youtube. It will block all the channel videos which you don’t like, or you hate that channel.

It will not be showing any video of that channel in any part of youtube like in search, recommended part or any other. It is effortless to use, and you need to the right click on the video which you don’t like.

You will see an option of “Block videos from this channel”select it. And you are done!! You can also use keywords, so it will also block that video which title includes that keywords.

5. BriefTube

BriefTube is another great chrome extension for youtube. It’s the best time-saving extension. BriefTube will save you from watching clickbait videos and will save you lots of time. Not Understand? Let me know you. If any video has good thumbnail or title, but there is no useful content in a video, then BriefTube extension will create a summary of what a video offers.

You can click on any summery topic, and you can watch that topic directly in that video without wasting time. Wait! Wait! The bad news is it’s only work on that video which has English subtitles and longer than 5 minutes. So, if you are a student, then this extension is best for you. You can quickly learn topics that you want without wasting time watching a full video.

6. Video Preview

Youtube has already a feature of a small preview of the video when you search something. But this Video Preview will pick some picture from Youtube video and give the idea to you about that video. So, as like BriefTube, Video Preview is also great extensin, and it will also save a lot of your time.

7. Ratings Preview

As its name, it will show you ratings of any video before watching so you can save your time. It will Show the likes and dislikes bar over every video thumbnail on YouTube so that you can know its rating before watching it. You can also use Customizable rating bar height, Highlight best videos in every page with a box, show RP score and much more. So, Ratings Preview is also in the list of best chrome extensions for youtube.

8. Smart Pause

Smart Pause is another great chrome extension which is very useful for YouTube. Smart Pause is auto pause your running youtube video when you leave the youtube tab. So you never miss a video while working. It will start playback video automatically when you are again back to that video page. Using this chrome extension, you can Enable or disable SmartPause functionality, enable/disable it by keyboard shortcut.

9. GIFit!

GIFit! is another excellent chrome extension. It will convert any youtube video to GIF easily. You need to play any video and press on GIFit! The icon in the toolbar. Select the duration of starting and ending time of the video and you are done. But some videos on YouTube use the Flash player by force, so GIFit! Will not work with those videos.

10. Looper

Looper is a great extension which autoplay any particular video by just one click. While listening to the music, add this chrome extension and click on the loop button. It will make autoplay that video even Auto Loop toggle, loop portion, and setting loop counts. You can use shortcodes to manage this extension which you will find in the extension download page.

Summing up

So, guys, these are the 10 best google chrome extensions for YouTube. You can more experience youtube features using these great extensions. These extensions will make your youtube full functional. So, try them and comment below what you think. And make sure to mention below, if you know any other great chrome extensions for YouTube and we will add here. Subscribe US for more Tech Updates.

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