Know More Best Clash Royale Decks That You Can Try Out


The Clash Royale meta is shifting, so keeping track of the Best Clash Royale Decks are always very difficult. Here is the top 5 Best Clash Royale Decks that you can use.

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Best Clash Royale Decks:

1. DIG iAmJp – Hog/Cart:

With his back against the wall, Dignitas iAmJP pulled out a hybrid Hog Rider and Cannon Cart deck to reverse sweep SK Loay when it mattered most. With a good mix of offensive and defensive cards and low average elixir cost, it earns the first spot on our list of best Clash Royale decks.

The deck is well-balanced and can adapt to many situations. However, one false move from your opponent is enough to gain a huge advantage. This is what separates a good clash royale deck from a great Clash Royale deck.

Best Clash Royale Decks

2. FNC LemonTea:

FNC LemonTea’s deck from the Clash Royale League Europe is a very aggressive take on the classic Mortar/Miner cycle deck. The idea is to overwhelm your opponent with constant pressure from low-cost cards.

By combining the Miner and Mortar, you can pressure both sides of the bridge at once. While the Miner goes to town on a tower from melee range, the mortar reigns death from afar. All that at just a cost of seven elixirs.

The deck’s lower-cost cards provide support for the bridge spam. The Cannon Cart and Big Brother Rascal can survive weaker spells, and keep the pressure mounting. If played well, you will slowly chip away at towers while your opponent struggles to defend.

Best Clash Royale Decks

3. TSM VULKan – Mortar/Miner

Like the deck above, this classic Clash Royale deck is built to chip away at the enemy towers while defending anything thrown your way with low cost cards. The low cost also means you can cycle quickly and make sure you always have a key card when you need it.

Unlike FNC LemonTea’s version, this composition arms you with two spells: Log and Fireball. In combination with a defensive Mortar placement, you can easily buy enough time to cut down the offensive before returning to apply pressure.

Hordes of enemies, buildings, and even the Three Musketeers are no problem as long as you keep your Fireball handy. Just don’t get caught without it for too long by cycling through your deck intelligently.

Best Clash Royale Decks

4. CoL Adrian – Night Witch/Golem

The Night Witch/Golem beatdown deck might be nothing new, but Complexity Gaming’s Adrian took it to another level with the unique addition of the Clone spell.

Like many slower-paced Clash Royale decks, the plan is to gain an elixir advantage with Elixir Pumps before overwhelming your opponent with more high value troops than they can defend against. However, in his match against Immortal’s Royal, Adrian was forced to get creative after dropping a tower early in the match.

This is where the clone spell comes in. Combined with a strong Night Witch/Golem push, and supported by a kamikaze Lumberjack, a quick clone spell can prove deadly. That’s just what Adrian did to tie up the tower count in the last seconds of the match. What’s more, the push ended up being strong enough to take down Royal’s King Tower immediately afterward.

5. TSM VULKan – Graveyard Control

This deck isn’t too aggressive, but it has what it takes to defeat just about anything thrown at it. Tombstone makes a powerful and cheap defensive structure, able to slow pushes until stronger troops like the Mega Minion and Valkyrie whittle them down.

What makes this Clash Royale deck unique is the combination of spells chosen: Poison and Tornado. Poison has always been a good choice to choke out hordes of troops, and in combination with a well placed Tornado there are few cards that can survive it. The Ice Wizard provides even more control by splashing and slowing attackers while they’re clumped together.

But defense alone doesn’t win matches, which is where the Graveyard and Cannon Cart cards come in. While both of them can be used defensively, if played alongside a counter push of troops that just stopped an attack, they can be devastating.


Here were the best clash royales that you can be a part of.

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