8 Best Cloud Storage To Keep Your Files In 2020


Hey buddy! In this article we will discuss some best cloud storage. The entire digital world feeds on data. And with enhancement in usage of data, the biggest concern is to store them. Our pcs and mobile are flooded with essential documents, photos, videos, and many more data. You cannot hold everything to the limited storage of your device. Then what is the solution?

Well, the solution is cloud storage. Cloud storage refers to the storage that you get over the network cloud to store, share, and sync your photos online. There are many cloud storages available that make your data sharing even more feasible.


8 Best cloud storage

Have a look at the best cloud storage options available for you at the moment:


Google Drive

Best Cloud Storage

Google Drive does not need any introduction, as it is the most authenticated and popular cloud storage available. This cloud storage service is provided by the search engine Google. Google Drive was launched on 24th April 2012, and since then, it has become the favorite of everyone. It allows you to store your files and synchronize files across devices full stop so you can share your files with other people using Google Drive. One of the best features of Google Drive is that it integrates with Google Docs sheets and slides, which are entirely very much similar to Microsoft Word PowerPoint and Excel.

You can use Google Docs sheets and slides services to design your work on the network itself. You can easily create and share content with people and collaborate with your team effectively in real-time. Your teammates will be able to comment, edit, and view your content, which will be beneficial for collaborative teamwork. Google Drive offers you 15gb of free storage.

After that, you need to upgrade to its premium program to stop backing up your memories in the form of photos and videos using Google Drive and access them wherever and anytime you want. Google Drive is straightforward to operate and can be downloaded for your mobile, or you can use it directly on its web portal to fully stop using Google Drive you need to sign up using your Gmail id that will redirect you to your storage,



Best Cloud Storage

Cloud storage you cannot mix Dropbox full stop dropbox is another cloud storage service offered by the American company Dropbox incorporation, which has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Dropbox allows you to synchronize your file and store your content on its cloud space. It was founded in 2007, and since then, it has gained a lot of popularity. It is considered as the world’s smart workplace where you can bring all your team’s content together and use whatever tool you want to use.

Dropbox is trusted storage where you can feel secure about your data and regain them anytime you want. You can backup your essential files on dropbox and access them with your ID in any system full stop you can either download it for your mobile or use it on Dropbox Web Portal for free of cost.



Best Cloud Storage

If you are an Apple user, then the idrive is the best option for cloud storage available for you. I drive a top-notch cloud storage service that combines cloud backup with cloud storage. You can store all your essential documents on my drive and regain them anywhere you want. You can use your account to backup all your data from your Android iPhone tablet and your network drive. Here you can get free storage of 5gb, which you can expand by purchasing its premium.





Nextcloud is another best cloud storage that you can opt for if you are looking to store it over the cloud network. It is free and open-source. You can use nextcloud to store all your essential data and documents and share it with your friends and teammates.

Also you can send and receive email over nextcloud and manage your calendar. You can even have video chat without data lakes as nextcloud guarantees you at most security. It is one of the best cloud storage known for its collaboration on documents that let you achieve your professional task done on time.

The next cloud offers a lot of services such as nextcloud files where you can synchronize, store, and share your files. Next, cloud talks to help you with all your cause chats and professional web meetings full stop another is nextcloud group where you can manage your calendar contacts and mail. You can help your teams to get work done faster, easier, and most important on your terms. The user interface of nextcloud is easy, and you must download it on your mobile to secure all your data over the network.




Microsoft is perhaps one of the most trusted software companies ever found. Your favorite Microsoft offers you free cloud storage known as one drive. Initially, one drive gives you 5gb of free storage. Still, later you can upgrade with a hundred GB 1 TB or 6tb storage options. One drive is helpful as it lets you store all your essential documents in one place so that you can access them anywhere you want.

You can keep a backup of all your Microsoft files, whether they are Microsoft Word files Excel files or PowerPoint on one drive and access them easily without caring for your system everywhere. You need to log in using your Microsoft ID to unveil all the features of one drive. Microsoft one drive is best as it synchronizes all your files together as well. You can even share your files using one drive account with your friends and team members. It is safe, and you can be trusted for all your sensitive files and documents full stop you can even create a backup of all your photos documents and regain them without the fear of losing your memories all documents


Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive

The Amazon Drive is a popular cloud storage option available. Amazon manages this cloud storage application. You can use Amazon drive space for secure cloud storage or back up your files. Amazon Drive also allows you to share your file with several people. The Amazon storage plans provide you a free 5gb space that you can use to store all kinds of files.

You can download Amazon’s drive for your desktop mobile or use it directly from its web portal. With Amazon, drive back up your photos and videos so that you never lose your precious moment of life. You can easily organize your files on Amazon drive without any hassle. If you want to go for  Prime membership, then there are two plans available for you. Either you can choose a 100gb Amazon storage plan or 1TB Amazon storage plan.




The box is another cloud storage available for you to secure all your files over the network. It claims to simplify your working style by securing collaborating with anyone anywhere and on any device. Box is revamped with powerful UI and new features like collections and quotations and streamlined zoom integration. It would help if you considered using a box for all your collaborative professional work.

You can trust the box for all your sensitive files as the box claims to give frictionless security. It checks strict data privacy data residency and industry compliance. It makes team-working even easier. S8 offers seamless collaboration between a lot of people. You can get everyone in the same place with different ideas and put everything together to bring the best food for what. You can trust this cloud storage as it has a good User experience to date



Big mind cloud backup is smart cloud storage by zoolz. It is well known for its affordable price and fantastic functionality. You can use a big mind to store all your essential data. This cloud storage comes with automatic backup that keeps all your critical data and content secure. Users’ management is effortless using a big mind. The AI of Bigmind is well designed to help all its users search for files in no time. Big mind offers storage organization and protection of your files; that’s why you must consider this cloud storage.

Many industries such as education, healthcare, legal, accounting, photography, real estate, media, and other nonprofit sectors use BigMind. You can download its app on your mobile or use it from its web portal full stop initially it comes with a free trial which will cost you 0 rupees full stop if you want to know more about Big mind cloud backup and its functioning you must look at its life demo which you can get on its website.


Here was the list of best cloud storage options available to serve you. One thing that all the above-mentioned cloud storages have in common is their credibility towards you. You can trust all of them as they have a credible legacy behind that guarantees you the security of your sensitive documents. Do leave your vows on these cloud storage services in the comment section.


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