Top 10 Best Dating Apps and Dating Sites [2020]


Relations are made in heaven, but you need to look for them. In the digital world where everything is turning digital, love and relationship is not left untouched. Dating is the modern initiation of any relationship. And to help you in getting your love in the digital world a number of online best dating apps are available.

The internet is flooding with such apps that help you in finding the person who matches your interest. The best dating apps initiate your love and let you sparkle your life with the presence of someone special.

It is always special to have someone who listens to all your gossip and is there to save your feet from the thorns of life. Such dating apps act as a bridge that let you meet the particular person of your life and explore the world together from a new perspective. Sign Up to these apps and get ready to dive deep into the vast ocean of love.

Top 10 Best Dating Apps

Here is the list of few best dating apps:


Top 10 Best Dating Apps

Tinder is a name which is taken at first when dating is discussed. This app has gained enormous popularity in the past couple of years due to its extensive features. And tinder lets you find connections on the basis of your location and interest. It has promoted the hookup culture all across the world, which makes it the most popular dating site of the generation. It comes with a list of extensive features that let you swipe and choose your match.

Once you find your match, you can get into conversations and get into the touch of each other.

A number of people have found their perfect match using tinder dating service. If you are looking for a buddy or hookup partner or a lifetime promise, you can sign up into tinder and dive into the ocean of love.

Tinder comes with a free version that’s almost enough to get a match but to enjoy its other exclusive features you can look for its paid premium version. The app works for both android and apple.


Top 10 Best Dating Apps

Bumble is a popular online best dating app. The app has got immense popularity because it is slightly different from the other dating apps available on the internet. The app believes in the concept of “ladies first”, and it asks the lady out there to make the first move. Ladies love it because they have the right to choose the person with whom they want to go into a conversation.

Men love the app because they need not worry about the initiation. And anyhow they will be happy after all they will get initiation messages for lovely ladies. The app features video and voice chat services that are important to make your connection even more potent. The app works for both android and apple.

Facebook Dating App

Top 10 Best Dating Apps

Facebook is the most popular and used social networking sites. People across the world get a platform to connect with each other and exchange their thoughts and cultures. But only a few know that Facebook is also there to help you in getting the love of your life. Facebook has a separate app called Facebook dating app that gives you a complete recommendation of people excluding your already existing connections.

The app comes with a unique feature in which you can add any of your Facebook friends to your crush list and get an opportunity to build a bond with them. Facebook dating app was launched in 2018 and is currently ruling the hearts of several people. The app focuses on getting a lifetime permanent partner who stands with you in your every up and down. The app works for both android and apple.


Top 10 Best Dating Apps

Eharmony is another prominent name in the world of dating. The app has users of all age groups, and you should not get surprised that a lot of users are above 55. You can look for people who can match your interest and can further build a strong bond with you.

Though the signup process is lengthy, all that effort will pay off when you get your life partner. The app is very much popular in the US as a lot of people have exchanged vows after meeting on the app. If you are also looking for a partner who matches your interest, then you must give this app a try. The app works for both android and apple.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Top 10 Best Dating Apps

Coffee itself symbolizes love and Bagel is an add on. Here you get both the things together. Coffee Meets Bagel is an online dating app that acts as a bridge between two soulmates. The app comes with some extensive features that make it even more special. The app suggests a list of profiles that might match your interest. Also, the app provides you with a 7-day chat window if the connection gets mutual.

The app focuses a lot on your profile which means you need to pay a lot of attention to how your profile looks. You must sign up for this app if you are finding trouble in making connections as the app will take you into the love zone where you can choose someone matching your interest. The app works for both android and apple.


Top 10 Best Dating Apps

The hinge will remind you of using tinder, but in actuality, it is entirely different from it. The user interface is very much relatable, but they differ a lot function-wise. Hinge is also a prominent digital app that takes you a step closer to build your perfect connection. One of the most notable features of the app is that you will only get messages from people whose request you have accepted. Though the app lets you share pictures from Facebook and Instagram, still people are crazy over the app. You can sign up to the app and find the perfect match for you in no time. You can start a conversation and take it further if you think there is a scope. Hinge app works for both android and apple.


Top 10 Best Dating Apps

Our time app is an example that proves that love does not have any age. The app has over 40% of users above 55 years of age who look forward to companions for the rest of their life. A lot of people have found a companion friend, love, and even a marriage partner through this app. If you are also looking for a partner that understands your feelings without you saying them, you must check this app as it might help you in getting your soulmate. OurTime app works for both android and apple.

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Plenty of Fish

Top 10 Best Dating Apps

With 90 million users, Plenty of fish is the favorite app of a number of lovers out there. It is another best dating app that attracts millions of youth on an app that lets you find your match from millions of people. The app works for both android and apple. You can start a conversation with a person and get a reply in less than 24 hours. It means there are high chances that you can find your perfect match. You get to choose your partner among millions of people. By that, you can proudly say that “mine is one in Million”!


Top 10 Best Dating Apps

Love might seem easy, but it is perhaps the most challenging thing in the world. And if you want to look for the love of your life in your nearby areas, then you must sign up to Happn. Happn is one of the best dating apps that functions mainly based on location. It shows all the people who are waiting for someone like you in their lives in your nearby areas. Happy app works for both android and apple. There are high chances that you might meet your crush and start a conversation with him/her. Be ready for that!


Top 10 Best Dating Apps

The match is the second most popular dating app after tinder. The app is a platform where two people get a chance to know each other and build a future together. You can find a person who matches your interest and start a conversation with them to take your relationship a step ahead. The app is very much popular among adults varying from 20 to 50 years of age. You can also give this app a try if you are finding trouble in getting your partner. The app promotes serious relationships by which a lot of people can get out of their alone and deep digger world. Match app works for both android and apple.

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This was the list of some best dating apps on which you can look up to to get a partner. All these dating apps are just a platform. Relationships need nurturing, and they ask for time. Use the app to get the partner, and they further nurture your relationship with all the love, affection and honesty. The digital world cannot develop love buds in the heart of someone you have to do that together. Do let us know in the comment section if you got your connection through these apps.


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