10 Best Discord Bots of 2019


Are you Gamer? Looking for best discord bots? Then you must need a discord server to communicates with your followers. Discord is the Top social media applications in the market. So, if you are server owner, then you must be required to have your discord server bot to improve your server.

In this article, we listed top best discord server bots of 2019. Most of the Gamers are using it because it’s free, voice and video calling features which are the best options for gamers. It has also paid subscription where you will get access to over $1,000 worth of games.

The bots help you to complete your work fast, that’s why most of the server owners looking for best discord bots which also helps to users.

In now a day’s, the internet is starting depends on robots or we can say bots. Bots make easy life of the human being. The Internet provides unlimited servers today. So, its hard to manage that all at a time.

That’s why server owners are searching for bots or need the bot to ease their work. Discord bots may help you to complete your daily tasks, engaging users and much more work.

Top 10 Best Discord Bots to Easy your Work


YAGPDB best discord bot

YAGPDB is one of the best, popular and multipurpose discords bot server. It has features like Self-assignable Roles, Automatic Moderator Configurations, Custom Commands and Triggers, Server Stats (Member Joined or Left), General Moderation (Kick, Ban and Clean), etc. This Discord Bot has a unique access control panel.

2. DueUtil


DueUtil is another best discord bot. It has implemented various fun user engagement features. Players also can customize their profile in this DueUtil Bot. Another best feature is, the player can even get a special award or points by staying active in this bot. In DueUtil, Online members can use DueUtil to use commands for designing weapons with comfort for any quest.

3. Tatsumaki


Tatsumaki is also recommended discord bot which you can get today. It is beneficial to get amazing user engagement among users. As DueUtil, users can also customize their profile in Tatsumaki bot. Users can also earn credits which helpful to purchase different commands. Server owners can set massges like welcome, ignore, notifications channels as well as other stuff.


  • A Bunch of Fun Stuff
  • Osu! Integration & Anime Lookup
  • Server Management
  • User Management
  • Voting
  • Search Integration
  • RSS Feeds

4. StahpDozAds


StahpDozAds is also popular and helpful in public discord server to increase user engagement of your server. Using this bot, you can auto ban, auto kick the users who are posting abusive content. It also helps you to block invite links also remove the links of videos which are not whitelisted.

5. Couchbot


Couchbot is best discord bot for those who are doing live streams. It will notify you who are connected with you when you are doing live streaming. It will Automatically announce when you, or your friends, go live on YouTube Gaming, Twitch, Hitbox or Beam.

Couchbot also helps an owner to interact with the viewers while live streaming by using commands. Using this bot. You can also announce an upcoming youtube video of your channel. Couchbot will help you in engaging viewers via Strawpoll commands. So, we are highly recommended to use this bot.

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6. Discord Dungeons


When it’s come to find unique discord bot? Discord Dungeons is come to the game. Discord Dungeons is also most popular discord bot in our list. It is very different from other bots. Discord Dungeons bot permit to users and owners to play RPG dungeon game into the discord app.

If you install this bot, then you can play this game in the desktop site or mobile app which is connected with your server. Players can also get chance to purchase the items, take part in trades and fight with other players on the sameserver.

7. Serum


Serum is one of the best-known discord bot. It permits their users to do voice chat via the full range of commands. So, bot users can efficiently manage the server by using voice command. Other bots have gaming chat box which helps user’s to text, but this bot can operate by voice. It will automatically follow the instruction which given by the user to the bot via voice chat.

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8. TypicalBot


TypicalBot is also great discord bot. You can play a song while streaming easily by just typing commands. Its name is typical because you can set Auto role to users, Administrator role setup, Play Songs by just typing commands. The server owner can send a ban, warning, and kicks masseges easily by using the typical bot. It’s also can help in giveaway to pick random users.

9. Dyno Bot


Dyno is a fully customizable discord bot. It has a simple and intuitive web dashboard. This bot is very rich in its features. It has a ton of features such as moderation, role management, custom commands, music, anti-spam/auto-moderation and many more that will significantly simplify managing your server which is very helpful for server owners. You can protect your server spam protection from abusive links by using Dyna Bot.


  • Moderation – Moderation with Mod log, timed mutes and bans
  • Auto Moderation – Advanced and fully configurable
  • Mass Mention spam/raid detection and ban
  • Web Dashboard – Fully configurable
  • Announcements – Customizable join/leave/banned, optional PM user
  • Music – Music with youtube search
  • Auto Roles – Give role on join
  • Joinable Ranks – Let members self-assign ranks/roles
  • Custom Commands – Easy to use custom commands
  • AFK – Post an AFK status when mentioned in chat

10. GAwesomeBOT


GAwesomeBOT is one of the excellent discord bot. We recommanded this bot if you are looking for multipurpose discord bot. GAwesomeBot provides tons of in-chat tools. It has features like In-chat polls, Trivia game, Giveaways, Member ranks, GAwesomePoints, Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary, ModLog, Convert units, etc. GAwesome can kick users or ban users also.

Final Words

So these are the best discord bots of 2019 to enhance your server. So, now sit back and just relax, because These bots will manage your server and users. These discord bots list will help you to solve all of your problems. If we missed any great bots here, then just comment below. We will review that bot and add in our list. Subscribe our news latter for more amazing tech updates and news.

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